The Best iFixit Gifts for Holiday 2023

The Best iFixit Gifts for Holiday 2023

Our deals are exclusive, bold, and useful to boot.

Excited for what the holidays will bring? We’ve got something special planned for you. Take $10 off when you sign up and shop before Black Friday (US/CA/AU only).

’Tis the season to express your love and gratitude for your family, friends, and even yourself! Many of us like to think that we are the best gift givers to exist, but let’s be honest. When you wait until the last minute, you’re bound to buy people stuff just for the sake of having something to give. 

No one wants any gift to succumb to collecting dust in storage, right? This holiday season, purchase the gift of repair, which is sure to stand the test of time. (Don’t believe us? Our Lifetime Guarantee begs to differ.) We’ve curated another batch of unique holiday bundles that are meaningful, versatile, and can always come in handy. Available now. 

Unsure which kit you should purchase? We know finding the perfect gift can be difficult. That’s why we’ve curated this gift guide to showcase how each bundle can perfectly capture the spirit of any fixer, from tech geeks to Star Wars fanatics to DIYers. Happy Black Friday shopping!

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The Best Tools for Gamers

Investing in high-end gaming also means collecting all the best tools to boost the gaming experience. But gaming is all fun until you enter the reboot cycle for the 100th time, or a controller fails to actually control your character. Repair can be central to keeping a winning streak alive. Secure the ultimate loot drop for the gamer in your life, and watch them run to collect and use the bounty. 

The Gamer Bundle is the ultimate gift for gamers who take their tech seriously. This comprehensive bundle is great for tackling maintenance, upgrades, and repairs on a wide range of gaming hardware, from handhelds to power desktop rigs. Armed with the Manta’s two drivers and a whopping 112 bits, you’ll be equipped to tackle even the most intricate tech challenges. And, make sure you stay organized with our next-generation FixMat. It keeps track of screws and small parts while you work.

Last but not least, each Gamer Bundle comes with an exclusive iFixit keycap to buff out any PC setup! 

Start your shopping quest with this bundle to ensure their gaming rig stays in top shape, because the real game is in the set-up!

Gamer Bundle Key Features

  • The Manta Driver Kit: 112 bits, complete with dual drivers to fix everything from older consoles to the latest PC desktops 
  • Everything you need to replace thermal paste to prevent overheating and boost speeds
  • An exclusive iFixit keycap that will take any battle station from cool to even cooler 

The Best Toolkit for Repair Beginners

Eager to dive into the exciting world of electronics repair but don’t quite know where to start? Look no further than the Essential Repair Bundle, which is the perfect beginner-friendly gift. This bundle is the gateway to a cleaner, more efficient, and well-maintained tech experience.

We always like to say around here, “If you bought it, you should be able to repair it.” That’s why we offer tools for every skill level. In the Essential Repair Bundle, you’ll find that our Essential Electronics Toolkit was built for newbies (or minimalists). Empower yourself to tackle smartphones, laptops, tablets, and a wide range of electronics repairs with ease. This toolkit boasts 16 precision bits and our most popular opening tools, making it an essential companion for your projects.

Don’t let dust and grime hold you back into the new year. Small connections and tight spaces, like charging ports, can quickly accumulate dirt and contaminants. The Precision Cleaning Kit is specially curated to help you keep your devices clean and well-maintained, extending their lifespan and performance. For those hard-to-reach places inside and outside of your devices, you can grab the Electronics Cleaning Bundle. The perfect gift for entering a pristine new year and more to come.

Essential Repair Bundle Key Features

  • The Essential Electronics Toolkit: the most economical toolkit for beginners
  • An Electronics Cleaning Bundle to bust through the dust on charging ports, corroded contacts, and more
  • And for those hard to reach places, a Precision Cleaning Set

The Most Popular All-Around Toolkit

The Pro Tech Bundle is the one thing every DIYer, fixer, hacker, hobbyist, and professional needs to tackle any job. Honestly, there is no wonder as to why this is our best-selling bundle. This is the ideal toolkit for portable electronics repairs, along with some fantastic extras to show off your skills.

The Pro Tech is our signature toolkit packed with 64 precision bits, a 4mm machined aluminum driver, and an extensive collection of opening tools. It’s the go-to choice for our teardowns because every tool has been specially designed and selected to maximize your repair capabilities. All of this comes neatly wrapped in a portable fabric case, ensuring you’re ready for any repair on the go. 

Afraid of losing any screws or small parts? Our gridded Magnetic Project Mat holds everything securely in place, while its dry-erase surface allows you to create location sketches and jot down notes to stay organized. Once you’ve finished your project, show off your repair prowess with exclusive patches and stickers. They’re more than just iFixit merch—they’re badges of honor for repair enthusiasts!

With the Pro Tech Bundle, you’re not just getting top-notch tools; you’re getting a complete package that will enhance your restoration ventures. This bundle is sure to make repairs a true celebration of craftsmanship.

Pro Tech Bundle Key Features

  • iFixit’s best selling toolkit: the Pro Tech
  • The Magnetic Mat, a must-have for securing small parts, jotting down notes, and staying organized
  • And of course, limited edition stickers and patches—because who doesn’t like free stickers and patches

An Elegant Bundle for a More Civilized Age

The iFixit x Hacksmith Bundle is the perfect gift for all galactic repair heroes. 

With Hacksmith Industries, we created a Mini-Saber in iFixit blue so you can wield the weapon of a Jedi. This butane-powered torch is constructed from aluminum and zinc and has a 4-6-inch long blade. Want the high ground in every repair situation? The bundle also has the Pro Tech Toolkit, Magnetic Project Mat, and other fun accessories.

Bundles are only available while supplies last. May the force be with you.

iFixit x Hacksmith Bundle Features

  • The Mini-Saber, a pocket flame-saber in stunning iFixit blue 
  • The Pro Tech Toolkit: 64 precision bits, an aluminum driver, and a comprehensive assortment of opening tools 
  • The FixMat: Perfect for keeping track of small parts 

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