Fixers in Focus: Bonnie Brownstein’s Story

Over the years, we’ve received thousands of letters, calls, and emails from iFixit community members. Letters from first-time fixers who just conquered their first iPhone repair. From students who decided to dismantle electronics, just to see how they worked. And from men and women who took the skills they learned on iFixit and started their own repair businesses.

The stories our members have told us over the years only confirm, to us, just how powerful repair can be. It’s empowering, explorative, and restorative.

In an effort to share more of those stories with you, we’re starting a new series of profiles on fixers on our YouTube channel. Our first profile is on Bonnie Brownstein—owner of Electronics Parts Supermart, a store she’s been operating for the past 35 years.

Bonnie Brownstein at her Electronics Parts Supermart

Check out how she’s managed to keep repair alive in her community for more than three decades.