See-Through and X-Ray Series 7 Apple Watch Wallpapers: A Look at What’s Still Inside

Apple Watch Series 7 with X-ray wallpaper, on iFixit toolkit

It seems that Apple Watch perfection is attained not when there are no more components to add, but when there are no more things to remove. On the Series 7, Apple didn’t launch a radical redesign, but instead removed a diagnostic port, consolidated display technology to remove a display cable, and made yet more room for battery power. We worked with three former Apple engineers on our Series 7 teardown to put those changes, and others, in context.

You can see some of those small but important changes in our wallpapers for the Series 7 Apple Watch. We’ve got see-through wallpaper, a darkened version, and an X-ray view (courtesy of the kind wizards at Creative Electron). And a see-through version of the 41 mm model. Look closely and you can see where the diagnostic port used to be, and the missing cable in the X-ray.

To install one of these wallpapers on your Apple Watch, start by opening up this page on your iPhone. Tap on a wallpaper to view it at full resolution, then save the image to your photos. From there, follow our handy guide that takes you through the rest of the process.

45 mm, See-Through

44 mm Apple Watch internal wallpaper

44 mm, See-Through, Dark

44 mm Apple Watch internal wallpaper, darkened

44 mm, X-Ray

44 mm Apple Watch X-ray wallpaper

41 mm, See-Through

41 mm Apple Watch internals wallpaper

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