Apple Watch Teardown Wallpapers

Apple Watch Teardown Wallpapers

For years, we’ve offered teardown wallpapers for phones and tablets, but now we’re psyched to finally release some for the gadget on your wrist: introducing our Apple Watch teardown wallpapers!

We have both internal and X-ray wallpapers for the larger models of the Series 5, Series 4, and Series 3 Apple Watches. If you have a smaller model, the internals are a tad different, but these wallpapers should still show up just fine and look realistic enough.

To install one of these wallpapers on your Apple Watch, start by opening up this page on your iPhone, tap on a wallpaper to view it at full resolution, and then save the image to your photos. From there, follow our handy guide that takes you through the rest of the process. It’s a bit more involved than setting up a wallpaper on a smartphone, but it’s still pretty easy.

Apple Watch Series 5 Internal Wallpaper:

Apple Watch Series 5 X-Ray Wallpaper:

A big thanks to Creative Electron for providing the X-ray shots!

Apple Watch Series 4 Internal Wallpaper:

Apple Watch Series 4 X-Ray Wallpaper:

Apple Watch Series 3 Internal Wallpaper:

Apple Watch Series 3 X-Ray Wallpaper:

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