Repair Guides

iPhone 5 Longevity Suite: Repair Manuals, Parts, and Accessories

Some people say there two kinds of iPhones in the world: those that have broken, and those that will. Maybe that’s a little too pessimistic, but it doesn’t take a lot of googling to find all kinds of stories about broken iPhones. We prefer to take a more optimistic approach to iPhone care. So, we propose a minor revision to the aforementioned iPhone philosophy: “There are iPhones that have been repaired, and those that have not yet been repaired.”

iPhone 5 Repair Guides and Parts

We are happy to announce the release of our complete set of free repair guides for the iPhone 5. During our disassembly, we gave the new iPhone a respectable 7 out of 10 repairability score. The two most commonly replaced components are right at the front. The display assembly can be replaced in about 15 minutes, and the battery can be exchanged even faster. Some of the other parts take a little digging to get at, but no components are impossible to remove, à la the MacBook Pro with Retina display. If you do happen to break your iPhone 5, we’ve got the repair parts covered. There are displaysbatteriescamerasspeakersshields, and much more. If you need tools for the job, we’ve got that, too. In fact, everything you need for repairing your iPhone can be found in our Pro Tech Toolkit.

Removing the LCD shield plate from the iPhone 5 display

iPhone 5 Screen Protection

Repair guides and parts are super awesome, but wouldn’t it be nicer if you didn’t need them in the first place?

We are proud to provide Epic Screen Protection for your iPhone 5 (and 4/4S). This screen protector is designed to virtually disappear after application and protect your iPhone from even the most serious scratches. Worried about ScuffGate? Don’t. This screen protector covers your phone, front and back.

But what about drop damage? Our in-house tests found that an iPhone screen with a screen protector applied could withstand falls almost twice as high as an unprotected screen. And, once it did break (after a fall from almost eight feet), all of the glass shards were safely contained by the screen protector. We are so proud of our screen protectors, each one comes with a lifetime warranty, meaning that no matter how much you abuse the rest of your iPhone, you’ll always have a spotless screen.

Adding a screen protector to the iPhone 5

So, whether your iPhone has already suffered from some calamity, or you fear disaster lurking around the corner, iFixit’s got your back. If you’re looking for serviceparts, or protection for your iPhone 5, look no further.