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iFixit iPhone 5/5s Epic Screen Protector

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Product code: IF118-002-1

Product Overview

Keep your iPhone looking as nice as the day you got it

iFixit's Epic Screen Protector features one-of-a-kind bubble absorption technology allowing for easy application, three-tiered layer composition (anti-scratch, UV filter, and electrostatic adhesion), and lifetime warranty protection so your phone will always be protected.

Each pack will contain 2 sets of our Epic Screen Protector, 2 front and 2 back.


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  • All iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s Models (Not iPhone 5c)

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Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty

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Product Details Edit

The only thing cooler than this screen protector is the phone that it's protecting. Its three-tiered layer composition (anti-scratch, UV filter, and electrostatic adhesion) helps maximize color and touch sensitivity, while the anti-scratch coating will keep your iPhone's display as sleek and flawless as it was the day of purchase. Its unique "fresh-keeping" technology will eliminate dust and fingerprint contamination, thereby extending the lifetime of your screen. This one-of-a-kind screen protector also features bubble absorption technology, meaning that any air bubbles remaining after application (without lint or dust underneath) will be auto-magically cleared within 24 hours.

What's inside the package? Glad you asked!

  • Two complete sets of front and back screen protectors
  • Fine polyester cleaning cloth
  • Unique air bubble removal tool

How do I install the screen protector? Simple!

  1. Use the cleaning cloth to remove dust and any contaminants from the screen.
  2. Peel the coating layer up off the screen protector, identified as Label No. 1.
  3. Carefully position and lay the screen protector upon the screen
  4. Peel the release film layer, identified as Label No. 2, off the screen protector
  5. Installation complete


iPhone 5
16 GB
32 GB
64 GB
iPhone 5s
16 GB
32 GB
64 GB


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My Problem

My friend dropped their phone and had some pretty nasty cracks on it. The LCD was giving some weird effects and she could barely see what she was doing.

My Fix

The repair started out a bit shaky. I couldn't get a good seal with the suction cup so I had to open it by wedging something between the display and frame. After I got in it was fine... Until I found that the unit I was sent was defective. I got some ghost clicks and LCD flickering probably because some sort of ESD during shipping. BUT! Thanks to iFixit's great customer support, they sent me out a brand new display assembly by next day air and replaced the screen protectors I used on the dud display. I got the phone all put back together the next day with no issues!

My Advice

Don't be afraid to try things and ask for help. I was worried that they were gonna say I did something wrong with the display but I only had to send one email and a new display was at my door the very next day.

My Problem

Just wanted to protect my new iPhone 5.

My Fix

Getting them properly lined was a little tricky but not too bad. It wasn't clear to me from the instructions that each protector has a layer of film on each side, *both* of which need to be peeled off -- one before and one after install, using the green tabs to pull them off.

Screen feel is better than any other protector I've tried.

My Advice

Install in a bathroom right after a shower to minimize dust in the air.

I placed one of the protectors down momentarily — after removing the protective film — and it had dust permanently stuck to it. Runined. Don't do this. Thankfully, the kit came with two sets!

My Problem

No hardware problem yet

My Fix


My Advice