iPad Pro Teardown Wallpapers Are Here!

iPad Pro Teardown Wallpapers Are Here!

While everyone’s obsessed with the outside beauty of their gadgets, we tend to fawn over what’s inside. That’s why when we tear down a device, we often grab high-resolution photos to use as wallpapers. Occasionally, though, we forget to post them. Today, we’re making things right, starting with the iPad Pro.

We have internal and X-ray wallpapers for all four sizes: the 9.7” iPad Pro, the 10.5” iPad Pro, the 11” iPad Pro, and the first-generation 12.9” iPad Pro. Internal wallpapers show the inside of the device just as if you took the screen right off. And X-ray wallpapers let your peer completely through the device, allowing you to see all the individual chips and components. A big thanks to Creative Electron for providing us with the X-rays!

To set any of these as your wallpaper, just open up this page on your iPad, tap on a wallpaper to view it at full resolution, and then save the image to your photos. You can set it as your wallpaper by selecting “Wallpapers” in the Settings app—“Choose a New Wallpaper” lists your recent photos, including downloads. Both “Still” and “Perspective” modes work, but we like “Still” a little bit more.

Click on the photos below to see them in full resolution.

9.7” iPad Pro Internal Wallpaper:

9.7" iPad Pro internal wallpaper

9.7” iPad Pro X-Ray Wallpaper:

9.7" iPad Pro X-ray wallpaper

10.5” iPad Pro Internal Wallpaper:

10.5" iPad Pro internal wallpaper

10.5” iPad Pro X-Ray Wallpaper:

10.5" iPad Pro X-ray wallpaper

11” iPad Pro Internal Wallpaper:

11" iPad Pro internal wallpaper

11” iPad Pro X-Ray Wallpaper:

11" iPad Pro X-ray wallpaper

12.9” iPad Pro 1st-Gen Internal Wallpaper:

12.9" iPad Pro internal wallpaper

12.9” iPad Pro 1st-Gen X-Ray Wallpaper:

12.9" iPad Pro X-ray wallpaper

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