OnePlus 7 Pro Teardown Wallpaper

The OnePlus 7 Pro Teardown is here, revealing some interesting design choices—some good, and some not so good. But what’s always good is a teardown wallpaper.

Inside the OnePlus 7 Pro is a fairly modular setup, where parts that commonly break can easily be replaced, including the battery. The screen is a different story, as well as the front-facing camera—its mechanical sliding abilities are pretty cool, but they make repairs a bit tricky.

OnePlus 7 Pro teardown

If you want to peer into your own OnePlus 7 Pro without opening it up, we have this neat little teardown wallpaper you can install. Just open up this page on your phone, find the wallpaper that you want, and click on the photo to view it at full resolution. Save the image to your phone, long-press on the home screen, and choose “Wallpapers” to select it from your photos after downloading.

Click on the photo below to see it in full resolution.

OnePlus 7 Pro teardown wallpaper

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