iPod Shuffle 3rd Generation First Look

Lately, Apple just keeps releasing new products, so we’ve been quite busy here taking new things apart. Today, we got our hands on the tiny new iPod shuffle, and opened it up to find out what was inside.

  • iPod Shuffle in a lineup of other similarly-sized objects
    The usual suspects—can you find the Shuffle?

    Normal headphones can be used without any adapters, except that the user cannot do anything but play music (no pause, go to next song, etc.)

  • The battery is extremely tiny — about the size of a dime — and consequently has a paltry capacity of 73 mAh. That’s less than half the size of the batteries used in previous shuffles.
  • The weight of the entire shuffle is less than 11 grams, but the headphones add another 9 grams.
  • The rear cover and clip weigh as much as the rest of the shuffle.
  • With the casing removed, the electronics and battery weigh only 4 grams, less than the weight of a single sheet of paper.
  • There is only one screw in the shuffle.
  • The shuffle is not too challenging to open, but the rear cover can deform easily if the user is not careful while opening it.
iPod Shuffle 3rd generation teardown