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Apple Unlocks Bluetooth in iPod Touch 2nd Generation

Today, Apple announced the forthcoming release of iPhone OS 3.0. After almost two years, we’re now finally able to cut, copy, and paste! What took so long?

iPod 2nd generation with Bluetooth

Although the new OS runs on existing iPhone and iPod Touch hardware, the new OS unlocks a hardware feature we’ve known about for six months. With OS 3.0, Bluetooth is now available on the iPod Touch 2nd Generation. We found a hidden Bluetooth chip inside the Touch when took it apart last September. However, at that time, Apple refused to confirm that the iPod Touch included Bluetooth, and provided no software means to utilize the Bluetooth chip.

Unfortunately for owners of the iPod Touch 2nd Generation, you still can’t take advantage of your internal Bluetooth chip quite yet. Apple says that OS 3.0 will be a $9.95 upgrade and available “this summer.”