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New iPod Touch 1st Generation Repair Guide

Hot on the heels of the updated iPod 5th Generation (Video) guide comes the brand-new, never-before-seen iPod Touch 1st Generation guide. We rolled out all the usual bells ‘n’ whistles with this set of instructions, and in the process learned a bit about the iPod Touch.

iPod touch 1st generation repair guide

Here’s a summary of all the fun stuff that we did:

  • The opening procedure—usually the hardest part of working on any iPod—has been presented in extreme detail to prevent any potential mishaps.
  • The battery replacement guide shows how to solder your new battery to the logic board. Unsoldering the old battery and soldering in the new battery is quite challenging. Users attempting this procedure should definitely take their time and have the appropriate materials available. A third hand is definitely recommended because the iPod logic board is very light and tends to move around while you work.
  • Color-coded action bullets (such as the red Phillips screwdriver bullets on Step 12) clearly indicate the action to be performed.
  • All instructions were designed to make your life happy by showing you how to complete a task in as few steps as possible.

The iPod Touch 1st Generation guide is up now. We worked hard on making it awesome, but we’d really appreciate your feedback. Post a comment on the guide, and we’ll integrate the best suggestions!