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Revised iPod 5th Generation (Video) Repair Guide

The iPod 5th Generation (Video) is one of the most oft-viewed guides on our site. We have a high standard of quality around here, and we felt it could use a bit of improvement. That being the case, we took some major steps in determining how to improve our guide.

A number of customers offered kind words on how to improve the guide, and we listened to their suggestions. User-generated feedback helped us pinpoint the areas that needed improvement and was a huge help in making the instructions more intuitive. Feedback like this is one of the main reasons why we implemented the discussion forums and let users post comments on specific guide steps.

Using an iPod opening tool to open an iPod video

If you’re curious how our testing process works, here’s a rundown: We handed three wooden toothpicks and an iPod Video to a staff member who had never opened an iPod before and told him that he would be fired if he didn’t have the iPod disassembled in five minutes. Unfortunately, he wasn’t quite fast enough and we had to let him go. Then we gave the iPod Video to yet another staff member that was also a newbie at opening iPods. We let him use real iPod opening tools this time. The second staff member provided very useful feedback on how to open the iPod, and we’ve reflected his input in the new guide.

We combined both internal and external customer feedback to come up with the following changes:

  • We simplified the instructions for opening the iPod Video. Users will be able to open them with greater ease than before.
  • The spudger is no longer used—all steps that made use of the spudger can now be performed with the iPod opening tools. We figured everyone would appreciate not having to purchase yet another tool to get their iPod functional.
  • Duplicate steps were eliminated.
  • Duplicate steps were eliminated.
  • The guide is now more complete and covers a few more aspects of the device than the previous guide.
  • Tpyos and errors of the grammars have been overwritten with clearer, more descriptive text.

The iPod Video guide is up now. We’re very pleased with the result, and we hope you find the instructions even more useful now. Post a comment on the guide and let us know what you think!