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New iBook G4 14″ 1.42 GHz Repair Guide

Hello. It’s our distinct pleasure to once again announce an addition to our family of ever-go-happy Guides. We’ve recently published a new guide for the iBook G4 14″ 1.42, which can be identified by the model number of A1134 printed on the lower case.

There are a few notable hardware differences that give the iBook G4 14″ 1.42 its uniqueness:

  • The laptop features a unique AirPort Extreme/Bluetooth combo card located under the top shield. It is specifically designed to only work in the iBook G4 12″ 1.33 GHz and iBook G4 14″ 1.42 GHz. Unlike previous iBook models, the replacement of the combo card requires a bit more finesse. But don’t worry, we at iFixit strive to make your lives effortless. Simply follow our free airport card replacement guide.
  • The iBook G4 14″ 1.42 GHz does not utilize a hard drive cable like its predecessors. It connects to a hard drive connector that is mounted upon the metal framework. Replacing the iBook’s hard drive simply requires a simple tug and pull.
  • The Reed Switch board is mounted on top of the optical drive. It is responsible for sleep sensing in the iBook. A combination of a magnet in the display assembly and this sensor enables your iBook to automatically go to sleep when the lid is closed and magically wake up when opened.

Take a look at the new guide. We’re always open to suggestions on how to improve our guides, so keep us in the loop.

Airport Card replacement repair guide

SPOILER ALERT: We may or may not be releasing a guide for the iBook G4 12″ 1.33 GHz in the very near feature. Only time will tell.