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New 15″ PowerBook G4 1.67 GHz Hi-Res Repair Guide

We recently published an all-new guide for the PowerBook G4 Aluminum 15″ 1.67 GHz laptop. This machine features a higher resolution screen than any previous 15″ PowerBook, with a 1440×960 pixel display, and can be identified by the model number of A1138 printed on the lower case.

Although very similar to earlier PowerBook G4 15″ Aluminum machines from the outside, the Hi-Res version did have some distinct differences that warranted an all-new guide. Here are some highlights:

  • The DC & sound board is much easier to access in the Hi-Res model. Removing the display and logic board is no longer necessary, making replacing the DC & sound board a far simpler task.
  • We’re not sure why Apple did this, but this particular computer is very picky with its optical drives—most other SuperDrives across the range of Apple computers will not function properly in this model. If you install a SuperDrive that is set as a master, you’ll find that your PowerBook won’t boot. Drive differences aside, the SuperDrive removal procedure is similar to earlier guides, but does have a few minor changes.
  • Speakers are a different shape and have to be removed in a different manner. As may be apparent by now, Apple likes to mix things up a bit. We don’t know if the speakers sound any better, but their different shape results in slightly different removal instructions.
  • Screws are in different locations. Apple has also changed the locations for the screws, complicating the process for people who tried using previous models’ guides. Our new guide eliminates the need to worry about forgetting the last screw and having to throw away the logic board.

Powerbook G4 high resolution display

Please browse the guide and let us know what you think. We’re always open to suggestions on how to improve our guides!