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iFixit Toolbox

This is where we put all those special tools you'll find nowhere else.

Everyday we run into funny screws, fancy clips, and frustrating mechanical conundrums we cannot find the correct tool for. We are constantly searching around the world to find the correct solution, and in our searching we also stumble across all sorts of cool and special tools that are not available online or anywhere in North America. Sometimes we find nothing, and end up having to manufacture the tool ourselves.

Designed by iFixit ¶ 

Sometimes we can't find the product we're looking for, and have to have it made ourselves. A few of these are already common tools we find useful enough to have our own version manufactured or customized just for us.

Pro Tech Toolkit ¶ 

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Here at iFixit, we want you to be able to repair everything you own. Unfortunately, that's a bit hard to do unless you have all the right tools. Luckily for you, we've got you covered with the Pro Tech Toolkit. We used our extensive experience to make sure this toolkit contains everything you need to do almost any repair.

Magnetic Project Mat ¶ 

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One of the worst feelings is looking at your laptop after you've put it back together, and realizing you still have a pile of screws left over. But with iFixit's Magnetic Project Mat it's a cinch to keep track of every screw. With a dry erase surface, and built in grid, you can organize all those small parts and avoid the dreaded extra screw.

6" Machinist's Scale Ruler ¶ 

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The classic 6" Machinists Scale Ruler is not only a measuring device, it is used for deburring, chamfering, scraping, and converting measurements. We custom designed our own version with a handy English-to-metric conversion table with decimals and fractions. The nifty sliding pocket clip also doubles as a measuring stop.

Pack of 6 Opening Picks ¶ 

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Our Pack of 6 Opening Picks are a classic dual use tool: they can be used to pry open electronic devices or to open hearts with a sweet serenade. Our testing has found this product also works well with air guitars, but not so great on keytars…unless you're opening them for repair.

Pair of 5-point TS 10H bits ¶ 

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We love our Leatherman tools; they are designed for years of use—other than the fact that they used special security screws to keep you from cleaning or servicing it yourself. These security bits were previously only available as part of a hard to find expensive set, and 2 are required to service it. The cost of the tools used to be more than a brand new Leatherman! We've sourced these ourselves and combined them into pairs of 2 at a great price just for our fellow Leatherman enthusiasts.

Metal Spudger ¶ 

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"Metal Spudger" is a tool name first invented by iFixit years ago to describe the various metal prying and poking tools we were using to break into devices for teardowns. Our Metal Spudger is the original and still the best on the market, offering both sharp and blunt prying ends with the just right curvature and flexibility.

Cool Tools From Japan ¶ 

Searching for specialty screwdrivers has lead us to partner with some cool Japanese tool manufacturers, importing innovative and well designed tools previously unavailable stateside.

Portable Soldering Iron ¶ 

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Our professional grade portable soldering iron from Japan is a true professional's tool. The unique case converts into a soldering stand, it includes all the right accessories, and the quality, feel, and balance of the iron are great. We tested 3 of the popular top-of-the-line portable irons already available in North America, and none where as cool, sturdy, or practical as this, so we're importing them ourselves now.

Screw Extracting Pliers ¶ 

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Screw Extracting Pliers — These are awesome. They quickly remove screws with stripped heads or proprietary drive systems. Designed for M1-M2 screws, these will grab just about any fastener found in small electronic devices (as long as they are not recessed where the pliers can't reach). The sharp little teeth on this guy don't care if you've completely rounded out the middle of the fastener or outside of a nut, they bite in and hold strong.

Gamebit 4.5mm ¶ 

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Line Head Drivers in 4.6 mm and 3.6 mm (AKA 4.5 and 3.8 mm Gamebits) — Until we imported these, the only "Gamebits" available were 1/4" drive interchangeable-type bits poorly reverse engineered from the fasteners and not compatible with the recessed screws found in many applications. We knew that someone must make an industrial quality driver that can reach those screws, and we knew the screws were being installed in Japanese factories, so we went to one of the top tool makers in Japan to source these.

Metric Combination Nut Drive ¶ 

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Tired of digging for the right size of nutdriver? Our Metric Combination Nut Driver combines the 4 most common small nut sizes into one nut driver. It even has walls that are thing enough to handle some of the poor clearance nuts found in Apple products. The cross design provides plenty of torque for tightly fastened nuts, as well.

Made in Italy ¶ 

iSesame Opening Tool ¶ 

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Hand made in Italy, imported exclusively by iFixit. This will help eliminate the piles of chewed up plastic opening tools collecting around your workspace. The iSesamo Opening Tool pops all sorts of devices open over and over again. Molto buona!

Hard to Find Tools ¶ 

These tools might not have been specifically made, designed by, or imported by iFixit. They are just specialty tools you are unlikely to find readily available anywhere else.

Oak Gerstner Toolbox ¶ 

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We aren't the only company to carry this cool little toolbox, and it's not made just for us, but we are the only company who makes a toolkit that fits in it perfectly! From Gerstner, the finest name in toolboxes for over 100 years, this box is the perfect size to store your small electronics repair tools.

Probe and Pick Set ¶ 

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Cheap probes are everywhere. Quality probes can be ordered or found at your dentists office. Looking for probes that actually work for through-hole solder work, manipulating microscopic components, or modifying board traces? You'll need our special 10 mil probes. Made in the USA, this set requires a lot more precision and care to manufacture than most pointy metal sticks.

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