ATTENTION!!! You will lose all your data!!!
If you forgot your password, PIN, pattern lock, or if yo have a problem with OS, or you want to erase all data...

If you have a problem with navigation in the Android System Recovery menu, you can see explanation how to fix it in this guide.

To enter the tablet into Android System Recovery menu, press and hold the Volume UP, Home and Power ON buttons. When you see the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 logo release only the Power button.

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thank you so much i have been locked out of my tablet for months now

zeidi - Reply

Hi - I have tried this but it won't let me highlight the wipe data / factory reset line. It skips from the one above to the one below ... help??

Sandra - Reply

Then you select the factory reset line with volume button, you press smoothly the power on button .

Kannan -

It will not let me highlight Yes -- delete all user data, it highlights the one before and the one after. Please help, getting desperate.

Laura - Reply

When you are one before "Yes -- delete all user data" press one time the Volume Down button. The highlight will stay at the same line but relay your choose well be next line.

This is the problem with the Android system. Read the description to video in YouTube. I tried to explain there, how to resolve this problem.

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