No tools required.


No parts required.

Begin removing the 3/16" screws for the device.
  • Begin removing the 3/16" screws for the device.

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Turn the device and remove the additional 3/16" screws.
  • Turn the device and remove the additional 3/16" screws.

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  • Turn the device and remove the additional 3/16" screw.

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  • Take the white cover plate off.

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  • Using the plastic opening tools, pry open the camera from the bottom.

  • This may require a moderate use of force because of the sealing glue.

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  • Gently pull the connector away from the motherboard.

Help! I can't get this connector back in place! How did you do it?


rotraut geringer - Reply

Got it finally - and it's working again, I can't believe it! Thank you so much for the instructions!!!!

rotraut geringer - Reply

  • Unscrew the motherboard's screws. There are 4 3/32" screws and 3 5/32" screws.

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  • Unscrew the lens' screws. There are 1 black 4/32" screw, 3 3/16" black screws, and 2 white 5/32" screws.

This seems to be wrong. Only 2 screws connect the lens to the camera body - if you unscrew the others, you open up the lens and there is no need to do so.


  • Pull these connectors away from motherboard.

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  • Lift the motherboard and lens out of the case.

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  • Remove all the screws circled. There is 1 1/8" screw by the flash, 1 9/32" screw that holds the flash button, 2 5/32" screw that is on the grey frame for the flash, and 2 5/32" screws that holds the cable frames on the top left.

It is not really necessary to remove the whole flash group in order to get to the capture button - you only need to unscrew the lower part (1 screw) and then you can remove the black parts (not fully, but far enough) to uncover the capture button.


  • Unscrew the 3 5/32" screws that cover the battery plate.

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  • The black plates on the other side can be removed after these screws.

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  • Pull the flash and battery case out of the device.

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  • Unscrew the 2 5/32" screws on the grey plate.

Just first remove the whole (zoom) capture button group out of the camera body after you have removed the 2 srews that connect the capture button group to the body (these 2 screws are already removed in the picture). Then you can work on the capture button group if you want to or just replace the capture button group as a whole.


  • Pull the plate aside and unscrew 2 1/8" screws on the button.

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  • The Capture button can now be removed.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Thank you very much for these instructions - they enabled me to fix the camera after four repair places refused to.

(the two screws holding the shutter button in place had come loose - the button had fallen off and the loose screws inside were interfering with the zoom switch, sending the camera always to safe mode)

A couple of things: It is not necessary to remove the black screws at step 8. They hold something in place in the lens assembly, but don't prevent you from moving to step 10. Also, it is not necessary to remove the screws at step 11 - only the leftmost one in the image. If you are careful of the wires, the battery case can be folded back giving adequate access to the shutter assembly.

Also - when reassembling, be careful at step 17 that the zoom lever is positioned to be engaged with (hooked over) the lever on the brown circuit board.

danridleyellis - Reply

It's a good and detailed instruction, but it also has mistakes (see my comments to steps 8, 11 and 15).


Thank You so much for the help! I would have never been able to replace the button without these instructions. You are a lifesaver.

Karen Rose - Reply

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