This section describes how to open the machine for further repairs.

  • Unplug!

  • Remove all attachments like water tank, brewing unit etc.

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The coffeebean supply is fixed with two screws. Unscrew them and lift it off.
  • The coffeebean supply is fixed with two screws. Unscrew them and lift it off.

  • The adjuster of the grinder has to be solved. Mark the position or just take a picture. This type is fixed with a screw, others are only sticked together.

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  • There are two screws to be turned out.

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  • The screws are situated on the underneath of the cover. This type is held by four screws.

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  • Now the cover can be raised: first grip on left and reight rear side and lift about 10 cm. Sometimes the cover jams a little bit.

  • Solve the hoses which lead to the water tank. Sometimes you have to pull out some contacts, (e.g. the yellow-green protection lead), don´t forget to put it on later.

  • The cover can be drawn aslant towards the front, sliding it over the hot water pipe.

  • Most repairs can be done with the cover being laid up partially , it must not be completely removed.

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And now follow all steps in reverse order.

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I had a flow error, i thought was bad pump, which turned out to be a blown diode on the power board. I replaced with a larger diode (3 amp rectifying diode from Frys NTE5809), don’t un-solder the old diode, just solder the new one to the old after cleaning the bits from the leads. The 3 amp diode leads are larger diameter then the stock 1 amp diode and will not fit in the holes in the board.

There are two boards in this espresso maker, one is the power board, the other with the CPU board (it has the front panel buttons). I suggest you do not remove the CPU board, as it is easy to tear the ribbon cable to the display.

The cables to the boards can’t be mixed up when reconnecting as Saeco used different connectors for all the connection points.

Parts can be sourced here:

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