Remove the printer from the optional second paper tray.
  • Remove the printer from the optional second paper tray.

  • Pull out the paper tray from the front, and the duplexer from the rear.

  • Removing the print head (see the HP user guide) may also reduce the chance of ink leakage while working on the printer.

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Hold up the control panel with one hand, reach underneath it with the other, and pull firmly downward on the curved support to detach it from the display
  • Hold up the control panel with one hand, reach underneath it with the other, and pull firmly downward on the curved support to detach it from the display

  • Lifting the display further up, reach behind the brown plastic cover, and pull it forwards to release it

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  • Rest the machine on it's rear panel, so you can access the cable.

  • Lift up the brown clamp, and pull out the cable

  • Using a T-10 Torx screwdriver, undo the two screws beneath the display (pictured)

  • The display remains attached to the scanner assembly for now. If you need to detach it from the scanner - for instance, to operate the printer while it is open - you can detach it once the scanner assembly is removed.

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  • On the back of the printer, remove the two screws on the right hand side (left-hand when viewed from the front.

  • Open the door on the front of the computer, and remove the one screw on the lower left-hand side.

  • Using a spudger lever firmly outwards on the lower rear side of the panel.

  • With your other hand, push the panel backwards, It will slide half a centimeter backwards and come free.

  • Could you help me? It would be useful if you could take an image of the rear of the printer, add it to this guide, so the locations of various screws can be marked.

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  • Disconnect the scanner flatfex, sheet feeder and LED cables (marked in red).

  • Remove the earth strap (marked in yellow).

  • No other cables need to be removed at this time.

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  • Remove the remaining screws around the top of the printer.

  • Lift the scanner assembly away from the printer.

  • If you need to detach the display, lay the scanner assembly upside down, lower the display assembly, push it to the right, and then adjust the angle of the display until it drops away from the scanner. Reconnect it to the flat-flex cable, and clip the support back into the rear to hold it. The printer will operate normally without the scanner.

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  • Depress the two clips at the rear of the output tray, and pull the tray forward.

  • Rest the printer on its rear panel, depress the two clips under the tray, and slide the white support clear of the tray.

  • Pull the output tray clear.

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  • Remove the single silver screw (pictured)

  • Remove the two screws from the rear left-hand side (right hand when viewed from the front)

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  • Release the one clip on the inside front of the panel.

  • Release the two clips on the underside of the printer.

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  • Pull outwards on the front to release a hidden clip.

  • Rotate the panel outwards until the clips on the rear of the panel detach.

  • If the panel doesn't detach easily, it may help to remove the screws securing the back panel first.

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  • Remove the remaining screws on the rear of the printer.

  • Release the two clips on the underside of the printer.

  • Detach the rear panel.

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  • Using multple tools and considerable force, unclip the power button cover from the bottom.

  • Concentrate on the points marked with arrows. This is the location of the clips. Forcing a plastic spudger in at these points should release this cover.

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  • Release trims in the left-hadn quater panel

  • There are clips on the side, underneath, and two from the top.

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  • Detach the NFC connector from the circuitboard, (Socket location marked in red) and pull the cable free from its restraints.

  • Bend the flexible flap attached to the front door upwards, then pull the studs free from the guides.

  • Pull the three hinges out of their clamps, and remove the front door.

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  • Remove the power button, door sensor, and USB cables from the circuit board.

  • Slide back the catch on the Ctrl Panel socket, and remove the flat-flex.

  • Many repairs may not require this panel to be fully removed, so these cables may be left attached, if care is taken not to damage them.

  • Remove the 2 screws on the front left, and the one on the front right.

  • Release the clips in the paper output area

  • Release the two clips on the underside of the printer.

  • Pull the front panel free.

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  • Remove the three screws from the bracket between the end of the carriage support and the case. Remove this bracket.

  • With clean hands or gloves, depress the sprung bracket on the right, and release the plastic sensor strip. Then undo it from the hook on the left side. Lay it over the print head, and secure it with a clean object.

  • It is essential that you do not crease, twist or soil this strip. Small amounts of ink can be removed with a mild solvent, such as isopropyl alcohol, but other solvents may remove the fine lines printed on it. It may be safer to remove it at this point, but it is hard to feed it back through the print head assembly.

  • Remove the two bolts holding the steel rod to the chassis, and slide it out of the printer.

  • Undo the two bolts holding the right side of the carriage support.

  • The rear bolt is in a deep hole, so if you are using a bit set and handle, you will need to get creative!

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  • Undo the single screw attaching the cleaning station to the carriage support.

  • If you have not already done so, put on your gloves now. The cleaning station is full of ink, and you can't handle it without getting ink on you.

  • Release the air lines from the clips in the cleaning station.

  • Detach the smaller hose from the T joint.

  • Pull up on the carriage support. This should give you enough room to work the cleaning station out of the printer.

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