If your OnePlus 3 rear camera blurried,back camera doesn't work,black, camera can not focus? Wanna fix and repair rear facing camera problem for Oneplus 3(OP3)?Come here to know how to replace the broken,ineffective,black,not working rear camera of OnePlus 3 for clear photographing. Change the back camera if you get the same smudge repeatedly in pictures. Or you get blurred view in almost every photograph you take. And it is possible that the flex cable of rear camera got broken, then your OnePlus 3 will keep warning camera failed.

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Awesome! Pretty easy just as shown . . . paid 11.00 for camera and kit . .

Jeff R - Reply

That's great!

Witrigs -

Why do I have to take out the MoBo? For me it looks like the camera connector is accessible without removing everything, one less step to swap screws etc...

Tilman Heß - Reply

I haven't done this procedure yet, but it looks like there is a metal tab that protrudes from the top of the camera module that is tucked under the PCB.

Averie Albright -

My New Camera does not work. Does not Focus.

NEW MAN - Reply

Fantastic! Many thanks. That fixed the problem: no more blurry rear camera. For less than 9 €… You’re the boss!!!

Renaud Migeot - Reply

under 10 bucks finally fixed my broken auto focus, great tutorial!

Sore Brain - Reply

I am thinking of doing this, did anyone have problems getting the screen apart from the phone and is there no cable connecting the screen to the rest of it? Also my lens cover is also broken can that be fixed? thanks guys in advance

jackhutchinson60 - Reply

It worked pretty well for me, but I had to use a metal 0.3mm Guitar Pick for the very first opening step, as neither the plastic opening tools nor plastic picks worked for me.

@jackhutchinson60: The back cover is taken off first (which has no eletrical connections) and then the motherboard is removed, but it’s all screws and plugs, so no problem there. According to youtube lens cover fixes are cheap and doable as well.

Sebastian Jauert - Reply

Instructions were really clear, thank you. It was all straightforward and I completed it in about 15 minutes. The screws are tiny so I recommend a sheet or similar on the table first. I also had to scrape off some white 'tip-ex' type paint from one of the screw heads. I didn't think I'd need the screw drivers as I'd already got some for my glasses but I'm so glad I bought them as they are different. Package came within a week to the UK.

I'm very pleased with the whole process. Thank you.

Rob Saunders - Reply

when i try to turn on the phone it goes all grey- grainy grey. wonder could anyone help?

Kevin Murphy - Reply

when i try to turn on the phone the screen goes grainy grey. any ideas anyone?

Kevin Murphy - Reply

the problem will persist if you drops your phone again. bummer

Peter Lim - Reply

worked out great with the kit linked on witrig. camera is perfect again! saved me from buying another phone.

Yi Dong - Reply

Very easy to follow! Great ten buck fix. The hardest part was definitely opening the phone, but with a little elbow grease it is possible. I used the iFixit opening tools, and would recommend getting a few, as you will dull some out at first. Overall, great guide. Took me about 90 minutes (mostly from trying to pry open the phone.

Eric Maines - Reply

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