1. Insert a SIM card ejection tool into the SIM card slot located on the left edge of the phone.
    • Insert a SIM card ejection tool into the SIM card slot located on the left edge of the phone.

    • Press in with the tool of your choice until it pops out of the side of the phone.

    • Remove the SIM card slot tray and set aside.

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  2. Starting at the SIM card slot, stick the plastic opening tool in between the back panel and the phone.
    • Starting at the SIM card slot, stick the plastic opening tool in between the back panel and the phone.

    • Slide the opener tool gently around the phone until you hear clicks and visibly see the panel separate from the body of the phone.

    • Continue this process on each edge of the phone, until the only thing holding the back panel to the body of the phone is the fingerprint scanner.

    A guitar pick is a good substitution for the plastic opening tool.

    Sam Sippe - Reply

    Here’s a photo of the location of the 18 tabs that hold the back cover in place

    Steve - Reply

    • Gently detach the back panel from the finger print scanner on the back of the phone.

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    • Use a Phillips #000 screwdriver to remove the ten screws that secure the middle frame.

    Some models use a Y1 screw head.

    Kyle Wright - Reply

    • Starting from the bottom near the USB-C port, use a plastic opening tool to pry off the middle panel from the phone.

    • Be careful when doing this because the middle panel comes in two pieces and if you start at the top, you may break the connection between the two pieces.

    The photo seems to show that the person is opening from the top, which is the opposite of your advice. So, just want to be clear.

    Robert Konigsberg - Reply

    yes, open from bottom first... the pic above shows the finished product after reaching top of phone. I found it best to actually start close to the right of the usbC connector. Pushing inbetween the 2 tabs and up will release the shell.. then work clockwise.

    Chris Mayberry - Reply

    Chris, your advice to start to the right of the usbC connector was excellent, thank you!

    Robert Konigsberg - Reply

    I found that my middle panel was already broken at the narrowest part just to the left of the 2-D scan code on the battery, perhaps from some ham-fisted previous repair. This seems of little consequence, there do not seem to be any electrical connections running through this part.

    Wiley Sanders - Reply

    After a long amount of prying, I discoved that, if used gently, a jimmy can really help get the plastic off

    Timothy Owens - Reply

    I could not remove the cover with the opening tool but had success with the opening picks (the triangle parts). Just slide them under the cover and gently bend and twist the pick to release the cover from the locks. By the way: it’s perfectly normal for the bottom cover part to come loose from the top cover part. It’s designed that way (they interlock).

    Marco Miltenburg - Reply

    Here’s a photo of the location of the 20 tabs that hold the middle assembly in place, and the pry angle needed.

    Steve - Reply

    • Place the end of the plastic opening tool underneath the ribbon cable attaching the camera to the motherboard.

    • Gently lift the ribbon cable upwards so that it detaches from the motherboard.

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    • Using a single flat spudger lift the camera and detach it from the phone.

      • There is an adhesive located underneath this camera. If you are having difficulty removing it, use the iOpener kit to heat the phone up and help loosen the adhesive.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Hi! I just replaced the entire screen panel on my Nexus 5x because it stopped working (it flipped 180* the screen and the image it showed was mirrored -- completely impossible to use the phone). I read several reviews describing the same issue and fixing it by replacing the screen panel. Now I'm having issues with the camera. The front camera works, but the back one doesn't. I reopened the phone to check it was plugged in correctly to the motherboard, and it was. Is there a way to figure out if it's the actual camera that's not working or if it has something to do with the motherboard?

Thanks! -MJ

mariajrodriguezotoya - Reply


I replaced the back camera, but unfortunately the autofocus of the new camera does not work. All pictures are blurred. When I open the camera-app a "click-noise" can be heard. I also installed 3rd-party app, which has the option to change the focus manually. But that did not work as well. I also did a secure boot, but that also did not solve the problem. Do you have an idea, what I can do?

Thanks in advance,


Klaus M. - Reply


just an update for my former question: I exchanged the camera-module again and now it is working. It seems, that the other "new" module was broken!



Klaus M. -

I had a similar issue. After replacing the camera, the auto focus wouldn't work anymore. I did not test it with a manual focus app.

After some research i found out that this could have been caused by a faulty connection of the ribbon cable.

I reopened the phone, detached the ribbon cable and firmly pressed it on again. Had to repeat this twice, and after the second time the camera is doing auto focus again!

bert.wijnants -

Anyone knows where to buy the OEM Back Camera for the Nexus 5x? The connector is broken after screen replacement.

Maybe you guys can help me,

Remy B

Remy B - Reply

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