This guide will walk you through the process of removing or replacing the display assembly of a Motorola Moto G5 Plus.

This guide is for replacing a complete display assembly, which includes the home button. Your replacement part should look like this. If you purchased a bare display, you must complete additional disassembly steps, which are not covered by this guide.

For your safety, discharge your battery below 25% before disassembling your phone. This reduces the risk of a dangerous thermal event if the battery is accidentally damaged during the repair.

  1. Be sure to power off your phone before you begin.
    • Be sure to power off your phone before you begin.

    • Use a SIM eject bit, SIM eject tool, or paper clip to remove the SIM card from your phone.

  2. Prepare an iOpener and heat the front of the phone along its left edge for about two minutes, or until it's slightly too hot to touch. This will help soften the adhesive securing the display.
    • Prepare an iOpener and heat the front of the phone along its left edge for about two minutes, or until it's slightly too hot to touch. This will help soften the adhesive securing the display.

      • You may need to reheat and reapply the iOpener several times to get the phone warm enough to cut the adhesive. Follow the iOpener instructions to avoid overheating.

    • A hair dryer, heat gun, or hot plate may also be used, but be careful not to overheat the phone—the display and internal battery are both susceptible to heat damage.

    • In the following steps you will be cutting through the adhesive around the edge of the display assembly.

    • Refer to the second and third images and familiarize yourself with the width of the adhesive around edges of the display.

    • If you plan to re-use the display assembly, be particularly careful as you cut the adhesive on the sides of the phone. Don't insert your tool more than 2 mm into the phone, and angle it down (away from the display assembly) as much as possible.

    • Apply a suction cup to the display, near the middle of the left edge.

    • Pull the suction cup with firm, constant pressure to create a slight gap between the display panel and the rear case.

    • If the screen is cracked, the suction cup may not stick. In that case, try lifting with strong tape, or superglue the suction cup in place and allow it to cure so you can proceed.

    • If the display doesn't separate even with significant force, apply more heat to further soften the adhesive and try again. The adhesive cools quickly, so you may need to heat it repeatedly.

    • Slide the tool along the left edge of the phone, cutting through the adhesive securing the display.

    • As you move on to cutting the adhesive around the rest of the display, it may help to leave an opening pick in place here and grab another for the following steps.

    • Slide the opening pick down and cut the adhesive around the bottom of the display.

    • If the adhesive is too tough to cut, continue to heat it until it softens enough to cut fairly easily. Excessive prying or force used here could permanently damage the display or other components.

    • Be careful as you slide your pick around the top and bottom edges of the display. The display cables, fingerprint sensor, and fingerprint sensor cable are all housed fairly close to the edge of the display and can easily be damaged. Refer to this image to see the exact location of the cables.

    • Continue cutting through the adhesive on the top and right sides of the phone.

    • The proximity sensor, earpiece speaker, and front-facing camera are all located along the top edge of the phone, but are housed beneath the display unit. You shouldn't come into contact with any of them as you insert your pick to cut the adhesive.

    • Once all the adhesive is cut, carefully lift open the display from the left edge.

    • Don't fully remove the display yet. There are still cables connecting the display assembly that can rip easily.

    • Prop the display unit at a 90 degree angle against a box to prevent the display and fingerprint cables from bending or tearing.

    • Remove the yellow sticker covering two of the black Phillips screws below the earpiece.

    • Remove the following Phillips screws from the midframe:

      • Sixeen 3.8 mm black screws

      • Three 2.4 mm silver screws

    • Insert the flat end of a spudger between the midframe and the left edge of the phone and carefully pry to release the two clips holding the midframe in place.

    • Lift the midframe up and away from the phone.

    • Use the point of a spudger to disconnect the larger of the two display cable connectors.

    • Disconnect the smaller display cable connector.

    • This cable houses a display controller chip encased in yellow tape. You do not need to remove the yellow tape. The chip is lightly adhered to the motherboard, but should come up with minimal effort.

    • Gently continue lifting the cable to break the adhesive seal and pull the cable away from the motherboard.

    • At the opposite end of the phone, disconnect the fingerprint sensor cable.

    • The fingerprint sensor cable is taped to a shield above it. As you lift the cable, lift the tape up with it. You can also remove the tape before disconnecting the cable.

    • Remove the display assembly from the phone.

    • Before you reinstall the display assembly, thoroughly remove any remaining adhesive and glass from the frame of the device with isopropyl alcohol.

    • Be sure to turn on your phone and test your repair before installing new adhesive and sealing the display assembly.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

Compare your new replacement part to the original part. You may need to transfer remaining components or remove adhesive backings from the new part before installing.

Take your e-waste to an R2 or e-Stewards certified recycler.

Repair didn’t go as planned? Check out our Answers community for troubleshooting help.

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Thank you for the explainations. I followed the whole tutorial and I manage to fix the phone with no surprise.

Sebastien Lenoir - Reply

Thank you. Instructions are great.

After replacing the screen, touch is offset by 125 pixels on Y axis (meaning that first registration from the top edge is at 125 px). Is there a way to get the phone to recalibrate?


Jens Maigaard - Reply

Thanks. These tips, plus the Moto G5 LCD guide solved my problem. The replacement I purchased was only for the LCD (needed to heat and remove the glass after disassembling the whole phone). Again, thanks.

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