The entirety of the Moto 360 is very fragile. Take extreme caution when using tools.


No parts required.

  1. Set the watch face down on a flat surface.
    • Set the watch face down on a flat surface.

    • Place the heated iOpener on the face of the rear cover to loosen the adhesive underneath.

    • Gently slide the blue opening pick between the rear cover and the metal casing.

      • The rear cover is extremely fragile. Be very delicate when using the opening pick.

    • Work your way entirely around the rear cover.

      • It may take several attempts of reheating the adhesive to get the rear cover loose enough to pull off.

    • Once the adhesive has been successfully loosened, gently pull the rear cover off.

    • To get to the O-Ring, use the Jimmy to gently pry off the rear housing.

    • Pinch the green rubber O-Ring and slide it off of the watch.

      • The O-Ring is delicate and is easily severed. Use care around sharp objects.

    • Set the Moto 360 face up on a flat surface.

    • Place the iOpener on the face of the device screen.

    • Gently slide the opening pick between the screen and the metal casing.

    • Work your way around the face of the screen, loosening the adhesive.

    • Detach the copper ribbon connecting the motherboard to the display.

      • For reassembly, attach copper ribbon where it is marked.

      • The copper ribbon is fragile and easily disconnects. Remember where it goes so as to reconnect it properly.

    • Slide the display out of the metal casing.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Good morning,

It is possible to replace the display unit for the Moto 360 2nd with 1.56" display?

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Stephan Müller - Reply

Were could i buy a new lcd screen for the moto 360 1st gen??

Sebastian Galvan - Reply

hey mate you can buy one from aliexpress aliexpress moto 360 screen see link below

Faddy Oraha -

Where can I get a LCD display for a Moto 360 2 gen 42mm. Thanks hope you can help

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Où est-il possible de trouver des pièces détachées ?

Le fond du boitier.

Merci de votre réponse.

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