Stop! Don't cook your Moto 360 and go at it with an oyster knife just to replace the battery. Just pop out these four fasteners to release the case back.

Note: the guide for removing the strap shows a watch with the back cover ripped off. Don't do it! Just remove the strap and go to the next step.

Locate the spring-loaded pin that attaches the wrist strap to the watch.
  • Locate the spring-loaded pin that attaches the wrist strap to the watch.

  • There is a tiny groove on the end of the pin. This is where you will place the tweezers.

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Take care not to lose the spring-loaded pin when removing the strap.
  • Take care not to lose the spring-loaded pin when removing the strap.

  • Use the tweezers to compress the spring-loaded pin so the strap can be removed.

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  • Pull the wristband away from the watch face.

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  • Locate the rectangular end of the fastener inside the wrist strap mounting pocket.

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  • Push the point of the pin in behind the fastener and pry it out. There is a notch near the end of the fastener which will engage the pin. Once the end pops out, the fastener will slide out of the slot easliy. Repeat to remove all four of them.

  • That's it. Now the two halves of the watch can be easily separated by just pulling gently with your fingers.

This is a terribly useless picture

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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I lost my fasteners... where can I buy more?

thiagopimenta - Reply

One misleading thing about this guide: pictures show the back cover taken off, while in fact you don't need to do this -- just take out the fasteners.

Дмитрий Трубин (Dmitry Trubin) - Reply

Absolutely correct, you don't need to heat or take the back off. I will say though that getting those clips out was damnably fiddly for me.

Ethan Duffy -

ou peut acheter Case Locking Fastener Replacement pour moto360 mon bracelet tien pas

svp chez besoin case locking fastener

abellegarde - Reply

don't remove the back!

follow this video for removing the locking pins.

I did it, so can you!

davidlanchart - Reply


You can safely remove all 4 pins by sliding a thin piece of plastic or metal down the inside of the case to slide the pins out

Bernard McGrath - Reply

So I lost one of those clips, it shot across the room when I was reinstalling it. Any idea where to get new clips or a suggested substitution.

Chad Yrigoyen - Reply

I’m looking for replacement retaining clips also. I’ve already opened it up once to replace the battery, but nicked the o-ring in the process, and some moisture got in. Have to replace my screen now. I found replacement o-rings (and front face assemblies with screen) on Amazon, but haven’t found retaining clips yet. I lost one taking it apart to get ready for the screen replacement.

Noah Erickson - Reply

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