No parts required.

  1. heat the logo baffle
    • heat the logo baffle

    • use sharp tweezers, carefully insert the screen gap, pull it out (pry the LOGO bezel sharply with sharp tweezers or blades and pull the logo bezel out and the glass will be fragile)

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  2. Put double-sided tape on the back of the baffle (double-sided tape on the back of the new baffle)
    • Put double-sided tape on the back of the baffle (double-sided tape on the back of the new baffle)

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    • Install the baffle Install the bezel into its original position

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To reassemble your device, Follow these instructions in reverse order.

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I didn't manage to get it off without breaking it so had to order a new one. which was a peal and stick.

mayer - Reply

I don’t understand, when do you need to remove this if it’s not broken already? Are there components underneath that can be replaced/fixed?

Ted -

I have a hairline at the logo baffle if i do not replace it will my screen get harmed?

Please reply ASAP?

Honey - Reply

can u upload the photo, than I can tell u

n0vem -

Where did you buy the bezel? I have the same issue on a macbook pro 13 inch. Also, when you say “heat the logo baffle”, works with a regular hair dryer or better with something more powerful? Can the heat damage the screen?

Krazy Eight - Reply

I bought from :

if the part is already damaged, u can remove it without heat!

n0vem -


I went to the App Store today to have my MacBook Pro - 2017 with TouchBar- repaired and was shocked when the guy said that the final price would be not less than 700$! Only the logo baffle is cracked, like you can see on the main picture of the topic. However, he told me that it’s a part of the screen and they have to take the entire screen off to be able to change it. Sorry but, what the !&&* ? I can easily see that it’s possible change it without touching the screen - and that I could barely do it by myself-. So, was the guy an ignorant or is it really how they proceed to replace this part of the computer ?

Audrey G - Reply

hahaha, when I went to the apple store, they told me that too…. because they don’t have this small component, only can replace the entire screen.

n0vem -

Where can you buy the Logo Baffle?

Nathalia Herrera - Reply

Chinese shopping website called taobao

n0vem -

@n0vem Hi, I have gotten the Logo Baffle. However, i tried to heat up and take out the old one but it seems to be pretty hard to take out. May i Know you used a hair dryer to heat it up or?

xuyinloveguardian - Reply

I did nothing to remove this part, without heat, i just pull it out the damaged pieces. just because i think use hair dryer maybe bad for my screen

n0vem -

@n0vem Hi, so you just tore it off with the tweezers? I don’t know how to remove it… And does the double sided tape hold strong, or will it fall off overtime?

Marco IsBlak - Reply

yes, it is easy to remove, and …the tape hold very strong, never fall off, never……, and….the tape is 3M9080A, very strong!

n0vem -

Did someone already do this reparation succesfully?

brecht.verhelst - Reply

Yes, it has even been easier than expected. Just be a little bit careful with your tweezers so you don’t damage any of the orange cables (see pictures 2 and 3). I took the 3M9080AB (black) tape which was recommended in the comment above. Result is perfect. Looks like brand new.

n0vem: Thank you so much for this guide!

Benjamin -

Does anybody know if the replacement baffles you can buy out there will fit the 2018 models?

I haven’t found some for the 2018 models, they are all for 2016/2017…

Phi Zirker - Reply

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