Use this guide for replacing the keyboard on a Kindle 3. The guide shows how to disassemble the device to replace the damaged keyboard.

Before replacing the Kindle 3 keyboard, you need to remove or disconnect the following components:

  • Back cover
  • Fourteen (14 ) silver and eleven (11) gray screws
  • Battery
  • Five (5) cables
  • Motherboard
  • Two (2) plates
  1. Insert a plastic opening tool into the seam between the back and front of the Kindle 3 (as indicated in the photograph).
    • Insert a plastic opening tool into the seam between the back and front of the Kindle 3 (as indicated in the photograph).

    • If you have difficulty inserting the plastic opening tool, run the flat edge of the instrument along the seam to find a gap.

    • Using the plastic opening tool, lift the back cover of the device.

    • Remove the back cover.

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  2. Using a Phillips #00 screwdriver, remove the 14 silver screws (4mm) that secure the components within the housing.
    • Using a Phillips #00 screwdriver, remove the 14 silver screws (4mm) that secure the components within the housing.

    There’s actually no need to remove the screws that connect the wireless module.

    Mike Kobb - Reply

    …or the screw at the top of the Kindle where the wireless antenna wire runs from the module to the antenna circuit board, or the silver screw to the right of the wireless module’s socket on the motherboard.

    In total, you need to remove 10, not 14, silver screws.

    Mike Kobb - Reply

    In fact only six of those screws, those that are close to the periphery of the apparatus, need to be removed.

    Renaud Olgiati - Reply

    • Using the screwdriver, remove the 11 gray screws (4mm) that secure the motherboard to the housing.

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    • Remove the battery, starting from the side that was secured by the screws.

    Not necessary

    Renaud Olgiati - Reply

    • Using the plastic opening tool, carefully lift the ribbon cable to disconnect it from the motherboard.

    • Latches secure the three remaining ribbon cables to the motherboard.

    • To disconnect the latched ribbon cable, open the latch and gently slide out the cable.

    • The rightmost photograph shows the ribbon cable with an open latch.

    There’s no reason to remove the three cables outlined in yellow. The whole assembly (frame and motherboard) can come out in one piece.

    Mike Kobb - Reply

    • Insert the plastic opening tool underneath the silver-headed black cable and gently disconnect the cable from the motherboard.

    It’s not necessary to remove this card.

    Mike Kobb - Reply

    • The motherboard is connected to the device by a red-and-black twisted pair cable. Do not detach the cable.

    • There are 3 spacers. Two of them are where the two screws attaching the battery were. The third is to the bottom right of the silver motherboard unit. Take care not to lose these spacers when moving the motherboard.

    • With the cable still attached, flip over the motherboard.

    • The silver motherboard unit with a serial number may fall out. If this occurs, slide the unit back into place.

    There’s no need to separate the motherboard from the frame underneath. They can come out together.

    Mike Kobb - Reply

    The whole of this step is unnecessary

    Renaud Olgiati - Reply

    • Remove the gray and gold plates from the housing.

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    • Replace the damaged keyboard.

    • When reassembling the Kindle 3, test the power switch to make sure it moves freely.

    • When reassembling the device, do not mix up the gray and silver screw slots.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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It works, but seriously overdoes the dismantling required . I just did this on a wifi 3g version (serial number started with B00A) and it took less than 30 minutes.

Steps 2,3 and 4 .You don't need to remove the silver screws holding the battery, the 3g unit or the inner ones on the black bit at lower right. None of them hold the board to the case, but ALL the grey screws do.

Step 5 You only need to undo the ribbon cable to the screen (marked orange) - the others don't need disturbing and are hard to put back correctly.

Steps 6 & 7 - Skip these.

Step 8 - the whole board lifts out - start at the top and be gentle - in case you've missed a screw or two.

Rebuilding - best to test before putting all the screws back, and refit the back starting at the switch end rather than the top or sides.

Dave - Reply

Thanks for the guide. Used to strip down a device saturated with suntan lotion. Per Dave’s comments I skipped detaching the extra ribbon connectors, but needed to take out most of the silver screws to get the main boards apart. I also wanted to detach the battery before wading in with contact cleaner and baby buds. Now back working a treat. Daniel

Daniel Morris - Reply

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