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  • Xbox 360 Optical Drive Replacement

    " Replacing a defective optical drive with a replacement optical drive does not work. The replacement will have a different DVD drive key, which the game console will not accept."

    Not entirely accurate, that statement.

    Having fixed a PS3 blu-ray drive by following the excellent guide on here, tried the same technique.

    I had a bad drive in my xbox, and I replaced it with a new drive (of the same type). I took the daughter-board from the faulty drive and transplanted it to the good drive. It involved stripping down both drives, disconnecting 2 ribbon cables and unsoldering about 8 wires, transplanting the daughter-board - and resoldering the wires. Then reassembling. It worked for me, anyway.

  • Reflowing Xbox 360 Motherboard

    Yes, there is - and It worked for me!

  • Reflowing Xbox 360 Motherboard

    I have a heat gun with lo (300 C) and hi (600 C) settings. I've fixed 2 PS3 YLOD (excellent IFIXIT guide for that, by the way) and have just tried to fix an XBOX using this guide. Within 2 minutes of starting , using the hi setting and keeping the gun moving , one of the dark areas around the small chips started to bubble. I haven't tested the result, yet, but suspect the worst....

    I think the guide should be more informative and precise about the heat requirement.

    Next time I'm going to follow the settings (lo) and timings the PS3 guide suggests.

  • Yellow Light of Death Repair

    Though the internals are quite different - especially the way the heatsink (fan unit) joins to the mobo, no card reader, no separate control board - following this guide as closely as I could seems to have fixed a YLOD on a CECHG03 PS3 - at least it has fired up and is now updating.

    Many thanks.