This guide will instruct you how to replace the fingerprint scanner on your Google Pixel XL. Secured in place with only light adhesive, the scanner can be easily removed once accessed.

  1. Power off your device.
    • Power off your device.

    • Eject the SIM card tray by inserting a SIM card tool (or the end of a paperclip) into the hole in the SIM tray. Press firmly to eject the tray.

    • Slide the SIM card tray out of the phone.

      • Take care not to lose the SIM card, which is small and may fall out unexpectedly.

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  2. Heat the perimeter of the display using an iOpener, hair dryer, or heat gun.
    • Heat the perimeter of the display using an iOpener, hair dryer, or heat gun.

      • Heat will help soften the adhesive securing the display, making it easier to separate. The display should be heated until it's slightly too hot to touch, for roughly two minutes. Use extra caution if working with a heat gun, as applying too much heat will permanently damage the OLED panel.

    • Use a suction cup to lift one edge of the screen just slightly, creating a small gap between the display and the frame of the phone.

    • Insert an opening pick into the gap.

    • Carefully slide the opening pick around the perimeter of the phone to separate the adhesive.

      • If you plan to re-use the display, don't insert the opening pick more than a few millimeters into the phone, or you may damage the OLED panel underneath the glass.

      • You may need to slide the pick around the perimeter multiple times to fully separate the adhesive. Work slowly and carefully until the display begins to come free.

    • Gently lift the display, but don't try to fully detach it yet—it is still connected by a ribbon cable lying underneath.

    So when putting the phone back together can you just reheat the adhesive that was already on the screen or do you need to add double-sided adhesive?

    cmichaelo - Reply

    Before you pop the screen loose from the adhesive, look at the new adhesive to see how deep it goes. For mine, the bottom was attached very well and the screen was damaged when I separated the parts. I would recommend getting it loose following the instructions, then reheating the top and bottom again. That should reduce the force to peel them up.

    Keith Hughes - Reply

    “The screen was damaged” doesn’t come close to describing what happened. I heated and heated the edges and, when I spudged up the screen, it cracked. Right now I have a completely non-functional screen…

    Michael Khmelnitsky - Reply

    • Use the T5 screwdriver to remove the two black 4mm screws which hold the screen connector shield in place.

    • Gently remove the metal screen connector shield.

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    • Be careful not to damage the connector when performing this step.

    • Use the spudger or your fingernail to lift off the connector that holds the screen in place.

    • Lift off the display assembly completely and place it off to the side.

    • Gently scrape any remaining adhesive from your phone. Use a small amount of high concentration isopropyl alcohol (at least 90%) to clean the frame and prep it for the new screen adhesive.

    • The replacement adhesive should only be applied to the edges of the frame, but may come with the center filled in.

      • To remove the unnecessary center section of the adhesive strip, carefully peel away the perforated rectangle in middle of the white backing. At the same time, peel up the black adhesive underneath the white backing.

      • Only adhesive for the edges of the frame should remain.

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    • Remove the seven black 4mm T5 screws.

    • Remove the two silver 3mm T5 screws which secure the mid frame assembly.

    • There will be clicks as you take the mid frame out of the phone due to the clips that normally hold it in place.

    • Lift the mid frame from the rear casing by pulling it upwards.

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    • Disconnect the battery by using a spudger to pry up the battery connector.

    • A large daughterboard interconnect cable covers the battery. Before removing the battery, you will need to detach this cable and move it out of the way.

    • Peel back the tape covering the lower end of the cable to reveal where it connects to the daughterboard. Then, use your spudger to pry up the cable and disconnect it.

    • If desired, you can do the same at the top end of the cable to detach and remove it completely, or you may simply bend the cable gently out of the way while you remove the battery.

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    • Pull on the perforated tab at the top of the battery and peel it down the center of the phone.

    • Grab the tab firmly and pull with firm, steady pressure. Slowly, the adhesive securing the battery will give way and the battery should come free.

    • If the tab rips or you are unable to free the battery, you may use a plastic card (such as a credit card) or spudger to pry up the battery.

    • Use extreme care when handling the battery. A puncture or bend could result in a fire.

    • To install a new battery:

      • Remove any remaining adhesive from the phone, and clean the glued areas with isopropyl alcohol and a lint-free cloth.

      • Secure the new battery with pre-cut adhesive or double-sided adhesive tape. In order to position it correctly, apply the new adhesive into the phone, not directly onto the battery. The adhesive should go around the perimeter of the battery compartment, but not in the rectangular cutout in the center (which is actually the back side of the display).

      • Press the battery firmly into place for 5-10 seconds.

    It doesn’t look like it’s necessary (mechanically) to remove the battery; is there an electrical reason to do this?

    Ali Mohammad - Reply

    Ali Mohammad, you are right. I find it unnecessary to peal off the plastic. There is more than enough room t get the charging assembly in and out with the battery in.

    Aleksander Aleksic - Reply

    Agreed; I was able to complete this repair without removing the battery at all. It’s totally unnecessary.

    Erik Swan - Reply

    This is for battery replacement stupids, that why it says to remove the battery…

    Creek And cave - Reply

    Good one, Creek And cave. :-)

    Donn Dunkel - Reply

    • Remove the two remaining 3mm T5 screws which secure the motherboard in place.

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    • Slightly lift the motherboard using the plastic opening tool to access the connector which holds the motherboard from the bottom.

    • Disconnect the connector by pulling it away from the board.

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    • Lift the motherboard out of the phone.

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    • Be very careful when prying because it is possible for the glass to crack during this step.

    • Insert the plastic opening tool underneath the glass panel on the back of the device and gently pry upwards around the seam.

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    • Peel the ribbon cable that connects to the fingerprint scanner off of the sticky pads on the inside of the phone.

    • Pull the glass panel out from the phone while routing the ribbon cable through the hole in the chassis.

    • Keep the glass panel and place the rest of the phone off to the side.

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    • Use the plastic opening tool to pry the fingerprint scanner out from the inside of the glass panel.

    • If the plastic opening tool is not working properly to remove the scanner, you may push it out with your finger.

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    • Remove the fingerprint scanner completely from the back panel.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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