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Background and Identification

The SwagTron T1 is a Hands Free Smart Board or a Self-balancing Scooter, but it's most commonly referred to as a Hoverboard. It uses a gyroscope to remain balanced, and is ridden by shifting your weight forward, backward, and side to side to start, stop, and turn (this is called Dynamic Equalibrium). It was the first to be UL 2272 safety certified after Hoverboards began catching fire. It features the UL 2271 certified SentryShield Battery to further increase the safety of its users. Other features of this Hoverboard include the learning mode which slows the board down and makes it easier to ride for new users. The SwagTron T1 comes in black, blue, dark red, gold, pink, and white. When you order the SwagTron T1, you recieve the hoverboard, a charging unit and adapter, the user's manual, and a rubber bumper. Similar models include the SwagTron T3, which has bluetooth technology and connects to an app, the SwagTron T5, which is smaller and slower, and the SwagTron T6, which is an off-road Hoverboard.

Additional Information

SwagTron T1 User Manual

SwagTron T1 Warranty Repair Form

SwagTron T1 Specs

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