This guide will outline how to replace the wheel of the SwagTron T1 hoverboard. This may be necessary for any critical damage done to the hoverboard's wheel.


No parts required.

Ensure that the SwagTron is off.
  • Ensure that the SwagTron is off.

  • Turn the SwagTron upside down to see the underside.

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Unscrew the eighteen 10mm screws that secure the back panels using a Phillips #2 screwdriver.
  • Unscrew the eighteen 10mm screws that secure the back panels using a Phillips #2 screwdriver.

  • The screws are tightly in place. It will take effort to screw them out.

  • The panel is still attached to the SwagTron by wires that go to the motherboard.

  • Carefully lift the panels off

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  • Follow the wires from the panels to the motherboard.

  • You may need to cut any zip ties that are holding the wires together.

  • There is one connection on the battery side and three on the other side that must be removed.

  • These connections may be difficult to remove. Try to securely press the connection and pull firmly.

  • Your back panels are now completely removed.

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  • Using your Phillips #2 screwdriver, remove the four 1cm screws that attach the gyroscope and its black case to the hoverboard.

  • Carefully remove this component and set it off to the side.

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  • Using your H 6.0 allen wrench, remove the four 20mm black bolts shown in the picture.

  • Take off the iron plate holding the wheel in place.

  • Remove the Motor/Wheel and set it aside close by to the hoverboard.

  • The wires from the Motor/Wheel should still be connected to the motherboard.

  • These bolts are very tight, it may be difficult to remove them. Try using a tool with a long handle.

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  • Slide the protective plastic off the connectors on the marked wires (green, blue, and yellow) using your hands or a set of tweezers.

  • The connectors on the wires of your hoverboard may be different from those shown in the pictures on the left due to differences in manufacturing.

  • Separate the set of marked green, blue, and yellow wires from their connectors.

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  • Finally separate the last connector shown on the left.

  • Your wheel is completely removed; slide in a new Motor/Wheel into the slot and follow the previous steps in reverse order.

  • Make sure the replacement wheel is snug. Neither rubbing on the outer rim nor on the side of the hoverboard.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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