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If you're experiencing difficulties with this device, please follow the below link to the device troubleshooting page: Samsung BD-F7500 Troubleshooting

The BD-F7500 was released on February 17, 2013 with a weight of 3.8 lbs. and dimensions of 16.9 x 7.9 x 1.8 in. The BD-F7500 offers a variety of connectivity options including 2 HDMI outputs, a digital optical output, an Ethernet port, USB, and 7.1 analog audio. While the device is a Blu-ray player at its core, it is backwards compatible and can run the DVD and CD format. It’s wireless capabilities allow user to use apps such as Netflix, Hulu, and Vudu.

The BD-F7500 distinguishes itself from the other Blu-ray players in Samsung's lineup by displaying a metallic silver band across the top of the device, with “3D” etched into the band. With no visible buttons, the device contains only touch buttons on the top of the device. These buttons don’t physically stick out and are only visible by a printed symbol of each buttons function. Aside from a Samsung emblem in the upper left corner, the front of the device is a glossy black and contains a single USB port, including a cover to keep out dust, on the right most side.

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