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You keep finding scratches on your discs.

It is possible the disc was scratched or dirty before inserting into the Blu-ray player. This can be tested by inspecting a disc before insertion and checking for scratches after use in the Blu-ray player.

It is possible debris has made its way into the Blu-ray player and is scratching the disc. Check for loose objects in the disc tray path and interior. Remove any loose objects found. It is also recommended to take a can of compressed air and blow out remaining dust and/or fragments.

Some lasers found in Blu-ray players, move up and down. It is possible the laser is raising too high and hitting the disc, consequently leaving a scratch. If this is determined as the issue the disc tray and laser may need replacement. This can be tested by removing the casing, inserting a disc, and inspecting the laser as the Blu-ray player runs. If this is determined to be the issue, the laser and possibly the disc tray will need to be replaced. See the following guide for replacement Samsung BD-F7500 Blu-ray Player Disc Reader Replacement

As the disc is being inserted, a bent disc tray casing may be scratching the disc. This can be tested by opening the case and verifying the disc tray is moving in and out correctly. If the tray is damaged it will need to be replaced. See the following guide for replacement Samsung BD-F7500 Blu-ray Player Disc Tray Replacement

Your device keeps dropping Wi-Fi connection.

Under settings on your device check you have the correct login credentials for your router.

Verify the router and modem are turned on. If the device is off, turn it on. It is recommended to restart the router/modem by unplugging the power cord, waiting for 30 seconds, and then plugging it back in. After giving it time to restart, begin the connection process on the Blu-ray device.

Using a secondary device, check the Wi-Fi connection. If the second device has the same issue then further steps are needed. A couple options include amplifying the signal with a Wi-Fi extender or using an Ethernet cable.

A Wi-Fi extender picks up your current Wi-Fi signal and sends it back out, amplifying the signal. An Ethernet cable would offer a direct connection from the router to the Blu-ray player as an alternative to a wireless signal, which is prone to interference from the walls in your home as well as other devices.

If the user is already using an Ethernet cable, also known as a network cable, it is possible the cable has gone bad. This can be easily tested by plugging it into a new device, such as a PC, and testing the internet signal. If the internet is still bad on the new device then it is recommended to buy and test a new cable.

If the device is having connectivity issues it could have a faulty network card/ adapter. Check the network settings on the Blu-ray device and see if any networks are available. Look for your Wi-Fi name (If you can't remember the name of your Wi-Fi a sticker is typically located on the base of the router stating its Wi-Fi name and password). If no networks are found it is possible the network card has failed. To verify failure, use a separate device such as a phone or computer with wireless capabilities and check for wireless networks in the area. If the second device is finding network then the network card has failed and will need to be replaced.

You are unable to use the Blu-ray player because the disc tray is stuck.

It is possible your device’s disc tray is locked. To unlock it, press the stop button on the front of your device to activate stop mode, and then press 4-8-7-2-3 on your remote. This action will prompt a “lock-off” window in the upper left corner of your screen. Finally, press the eject button on the front of your device to eject the disc.

It is possible the hardware has malfunctioned and needs a power cycle reset. To initiate a power cycle, remove the power cord from its source connection point, hold the power button on the front of the device for 30 seconds and then reconnect the power cord to its source.

It is possible the disc may be jammed in the device not allowing the tray to move freely. To test this, the case will need to be opened and the tray moved manually. It’s important to note on manual operation the user may damage the disc beyond repair.

No audio plays when you insert and play a disc.

It is possible your speakers are faulty. First, ensure that your speakers and TV are working properly by testing another disc and see if the audio plays. If the issue persists then the issue may be with the speakers and/or TV.

If the video is playing without any audio your problem is likely cord related. First, check the HDMI cord plugged into the device and make sure the HDMI cord is fully plugged into both the Samsung BD-F75000 and the TV. Next, unplug the HDMI cord and check for a damaged port. If the cord is found to be damaged replacing the cord will fix the issue.

If the disc has been illegally copied, the audio will not be able to play on the copied version of the disc.

Audio and video intermittently cutting out

The problem may not be the Blu-ray player. Try using a different disc. If after several attempts to get the Blu-ray player to read different discs and you still cannot get it to work then there is a different issue, such as a dirty or failed laser.

The problem with your device might be dust accumulated inside the player and is covering the laser. To clean the laser, it is necessary to open the device and clean the interior. Before cleaning the laser, it is helpful to take a can of compressed air and blow out any dust accumulated within the device. Finally, locate the laser and wipe it with a soft lint-free cloth.

The Blu-ray player may not be able to be read the disc if the laser used to scan the disc is broken. If this is the case, the laser will need to be replaced. See the following guide for replacement Samsung BD-F7500 Blu-ray Player Disc Reader Replacement


Unable to Load BLU RAY discs on Samsung BD-F7500 Player.

I had same problem. Disc was rejected saying it either needed to be cleaned or it was the wrong region code(which it was not!)

The BLU RAY lens needs to be cleaned, but it is not accessible even when you remove the player cover.

Smear plenty of Metholated Spirit on the playing surface of a BLU RAY disc and load it to play in the DVD player. Do this several times and eventually it will clean both the BLU RAY and DVD optical lenses of the player. The Metholated Spirit will not harm the player and evoporates after a short while.

If still no joy... as a final approach, remove the DVD cover to expose the DVD player.

Repeat the above, but also gently depress the disk while it is spinning in the player to get Metholated Spirit onto the BLU RAY lens to clean it....and hey presto.... IT WORKS AGAIN!!!

Jim Woodfine - Reply

Hey there, i need help.

My BlueRay Player starts - loads (LOAD on display) -> stops (STOP on display) and goes off (OFF on display). I never come to this “no disc” point to perform a hard reset. I also tried the steps to solve hardware problems. What else can i try?

Marco Sessenhausen - Reply

Hi, I am running the 2015 firmware 1021.0 but it does not work with all blurays. It seams Samsung did not bother doing another update. Do anyone know of a workaround? Maybe a firmware update from another player?!

Jay stanford - Reply

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