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Background and Identification ¶ 

The HP Photosmart Plus B209a can be easily identified by the design of the front panel. The easiest way to identify the B209a without opening the scanner unit to look for the model is to look how the touchscreen and model plate are designed. The B209a has a smaller LCD that is not only smaller, but is permanently positioned and cannot be adjusted. Other ways to identify this model is a lack of HP Web App support. These are the primary identifiers, but there are other ways to quickly identify this printer if you cannot check the model number (which is printed under the scanner unit).

If you want to be 100% positive, open the scanner unit and look at the label. If your printer says B209a then you have correctly identified your printer.

This model also features a USB port, which was removed from printers made since ~2010.

Specifications ¶ 

  • 3.45'' LCD (TouchSmart frame)
  • 100 sheet paper tray
  • 20 sheet Photo tray (up to 5x7" paper)
  • Media card reader
  • USB
  • PictBridge enabled
  • ePrint enabled

Ink cartridges ¶ 

This printer is compatible with HP 564 and 564 XL ink tanks. Unlike newer models, this printer is compatible with previous generation ink cartridges, along with the next generation ink cartridges.

The ink yields reported by HP are:

HP 564 XL

  • ~550/black
  • ~750/color

HP 564

  • ~250/black
  • ~300/color

Due to the ease of refilling HP 564 ink cartridges (and the age of the cartridge), remanufactured and compatible cartridges are very easy to find. Many of these cartridges recycle the original HP chip (which will report as low or empty), so you generally are not able to track the ink levels of these cartridges - you will need to rely on the quality of your prints to determine if you need to replace the ink in the printer.

However, this reading issue is generally not a problem with most HP printers. On many printers from HP, you can continue to print (even if the cartridge reports that it is empty). The printer will nag you about it regularly, but these nags can be dismissed without consequence.

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