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Specializing in small business IT solutions and laptop/desktop PC & Mac repair.

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Information technology is critical for the success of most businesses in the new millennium. It shouldn’t keep you up at night — and it shouldn’t keep you from doing business when it fails.

We specialize in fixing and preventing IT emergencies. Whether from a natural disaster, a cyberattack, or aging technology, we help you get back to 100% (and stay there).

Once you’re back to normal operations, Techvera helps you optimize for maximum efficiency. We manage the technology that makes business possible, so you can focus on your clients and your company.

Through analysis of your existing technology and processes, we’ll help you automate operations, improve communication, and reach higher levels of efficiency. And if you don’t have the infrastructure you need, we help you put it in place — or provide it for you off-site.

You’re positioned for growth — we clear away the obstacles to your success.