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Digital Vision Group has been founded in 2008 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Main activity of Digital Vision is supply and distribute original mobile phone spare parts to large resellers, service centers , retailers throughout GCC and internationally.

When we set up the company our goal was to become a major player in field of original mobile phone spare parts in GCC countries , that require deeply specialized knowledge.

By specializing in niches that require deep and multidisciplinary understanding of fast growing and rapidly changing technologies, markets, customer needs, we at Digital Vision believe that our product specialists and marketing strategy can deliver the most VALUE to our customers.

The company has high reputation in the market, since it is present for long period of time with high qualified team, deep dedication to industry, very competitive prices and fantastic customer service.

The essence of our Company Philosophy is its expertise in very specific industry field and customer orientation, which helps to offer the best solution for its customers such as competitive prices, variety options , quick delivery and service.

At Digital Vision we understand that mobile phones have become a literal extension of our lives. They are the means in which we connect with our friends, family, coworkers and loved ones. Our need to stay connected and in touch with the world has become increasingly important in our daily lives, and having the right parts for your customer is key in doing that.

As the mobile phone market continues to grow, the technology and expertise required to keep our cell phones functioning have become that much complex. But we understands that price, quality and customer relationships can go hand in hand.

Digital Vision is not just a trading company . It's a group of phenomenal people with common values and vision heading towards one goal.

OUR VISION : We strongly believe that we can change the world into better future, combining human wisdom and technology in a perfect balance.