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George's lock and key service

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We use the analytical method to customize the appropriate lock hardware which will give you the proper locking hardware for your property and Personal Safety. We evaluate your location, crime statistics, to the proper level using locks, key control, CCTV, and consult you how to manage your access credentials keys private with simple method and you will have custom Security that differs from the ordinary to an affordable edge. We don't charge for the consultation if we are on location already from your call to us for our services, we equate what we've seen from over twenty years of experience in Roxborough / Manayunk into the same analytical formula that Federal government employees are required to use to find answers to improve security by gathering data using Quantum Data which gives certainty answers and find the what to change to prevent the it for improvement by usindg quantum mechanics mechanics giving certainty on how to fix-beyond (finds the answer to What-is and fix-beyond)