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I want to setup a repair centre offering bespoke services to a large customer population. I would like to purchase both materials and skill set to help my current technicians build their knowledge base. I am reaching out from Nigeria. I know...

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I am Abiodun Okunola, a Nigeria Serial Entrepreneur. I have known about your company for some time now but have not been able to do business with you directly due to limitations with shipping directly to Nigeria or using our cards for payment.

I had to have my brother Damola Okunola purchase spares on my behalf from your site sometime last year or the year before.

I was very impressed with the parts and I am now looking to expand this possibility to large volumes of potential clients here in Nigeria.

I hope my company can get verified by yours. Feel free to request any information that would help prove my identity and to make certain no bad intentions exist.

As mentioned, I have a brother currently in the US for work with a multinational and he can attest to my credibility.

Looking forward to your feedback and the opportunity to work with you.