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Rivera Technologies

We are a technology solutions company providing computer and network repair for residential and business customers.

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Rivera Technologies is a technology solutions company based out of Federal Way, WA, it was an idea that began years before that came to fruition in 2015. We are family owned and operated as well. We provide Managed IT Services, Business IT Services, Residential IT Services and Hosted / Cloud Services to our clients. From support and maintenance, business data protection, IT Consulting and so much more…

Rivera Technologies operates under the leadership of 2 brothers that combined have over 27 years of experience in the IT industry. We offer both remote and onsite services for our clients, who are our clients? we support clients from businesses to residential all across the country. Because of our remote support option this allows us to operate and provide technical support to clients all over the United States. And of course go where we are needed to provide onsite support for our clients as well.

With us being a small technology company, phones are always answered no matter time of day, holidays, weekends and evenings. Whenever you need technology support we are here to help you. We aim to be the best technology support company out there. With 4 simple steps that we always stay true too. This is the blueprint that has made us so successful thus far as a company. We are here to help our clients and potential clients out with their technology issues.

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