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Mid 2012 model, A1278 / 2.5 GHz i5 or 2.9 GHz i7 processor.

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Is it possible to check if the case was opened previously?


I wonder if there is a way for Apple Service Partner to detect if the case was opended previously.

I'm asking because I just bought a 2012 Macbook Pro 13" and want to upgrade the HDD to SSD and the RAM to 8GB.

However, I just opened the case and assembled the SSD (Crucial M4 from my old Macbook Pro) to the new one but had problems to install OS X. So I disassembled it for now...

Now I noticed that the warranty will void once the case was opened by consumer.

For that reason I want to give my Macbook to an Apple Service Partner for the upgrade.

So will he notice that I opened the case?

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Each apple computer is registered within apples system with the exact specs that it has when shipped. If you change any of these we know right away. Also after seeing and opening thousands upon thousands of these we know what its like to crack open a fresh one and what it is like to crack open one that someones had their hands in already. There really is nothing you can do. That being said Apple doesnt usually get too upset about upgraded RAM or HDD. At a certain point they usually just assume that a licensed third party has installed them.

DO NOT send it to apple that way though. They will replace any parts they find to factory condition before sending it back as an insurance for their work. They will toss any upgraded HDD or RAM. It isnt pretty i have had people really angry for that but Apple has to send it back as the system was specced out of the box.

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+good complete answer... I just didn't want help someone willing to commit fraud.


I just read the warranty conditions and there is no phrasing that says the warranty will void if the case was opened.

Only that the warranty will void if the upgrade cause damages.

However, the Upgrade now was done by an Apple Service Partner.


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You can tell from the screws. A computer that has been opened will probably have scratches by the scrfew holes, scratches on the screws or they could be stripped. Missing screws is a hint, too.

Another way is look for scratches by the holes. You can tell a screwdriver scratch from a table scratch easily in many cases. Also, check the Threadlock. Busted Threadlock can be a symptom but it can also be worn out, too. I would check into this, too.

Also, look at the screw torque. If it comes out easily then it was opened. If not, it probably wasn't.

Non Apple parts are a dead giveaway.

However, these may or may not show based on the experience of the person working on the laptops. Some people are better then others at it. Idiots lose screws and strip them(however, experts can too). Experts know how to avoid all of this, so it's far harder to tell if they know what they're doing.

Rush jobs are obvious, too.

As a smaller tech and not in a position like Apple I don't toss third party parts. If they're bad I usually give them back. If they work they stay. I don't see what the big deal of this is. Liability seems like an excuse to me. If someone has a non OEM hard drive I do take notes, though. That's the extent of it.

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And is there a way to prevent this?


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