Liquid damage to keyboard

Hi guys,

I recently spilled some dilute orange juice on the keyboard of my MBP. I imediately flipped it over and switched it off and proceeded to wipe it down as best as I could while keeping it over turned.

After it seemed sufficently clean and put it over a vent blowing warm air and left it there for the rest of the day.

Luckily when I started it up the next day, it came on but the "M, J, U, ;, ' & P" keys are malfunctioning and a couple of others are still sticky.

I have decieded to take out the top case and key board and clean them out and I am currently buying the tools to do that. I have read from other posts that distilled water or 99% alcohol can be used but need to confirm which would be preferred and procedure I would follow during the cleaning and afterwards. Should I do it with microfiber cloth or cotton wool? Is there a chance that either of these liquids would corrode the parts I clean and what can I do prevent or mitigate it.

Any answers and tips can provide would be great!



Thanks for the great answer.

I do however have a little follow up though.

I have been looking through some other related answers and they mentioned arctic silver for the logic board and I'm not sure if it will be necessary and how or what to use it for. Could you provide some information about arctic silver use.

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Hi guys, I just finished disassembling my macbook pro. I cleaned it out as best as I could and was glad to find that there was very little juice inside and none on the logic board (though I cleaned it anyway). However, I did run into a problem. During the dis-assembly process, I tore into the black film covering the key board while I tried to remove the logic board. It left a small hole after I removed it. So I need to know if this functions just for the illumination of the back light or if it serves another function I should be aware of. Can I try to put it back together with the hole after it dries or will it affect the function of the computer? I can live without the back-light for now but really want to minimize cost of this repair as far as I can. Please, any advice you can give would be great.ope to hear what you have to say. Buchi


If you open the Heat Sink you'll need to clean off and reapply the Thermal Paste (Artic Silver). You should be able to put some electricians tape or black vinyl tape over the hole if it seems to dim the backlight (reassemble but not screw down until you check if theres a problem)


I didn't open the heat sink. It didn't seem to have affected that area. Should I open it up anyway and apply the arctic silver?


Hi guys,

I finally tore apart my MPB and just put it back together and it seems to be working fine, at least as fine as it was when i took it apart. At first, the keys that were malfunctioning were working after I reassembled the computer but they quickly stopped after a couple of minutes.

Does anyone have any ideas of what could be responsible or should I just go ahead and get a new key board.

Love the feedback I've been getting. Definitely guided through the whole process.


At this point since the wash didn't take get a replacement keyboard. There may have still been some moisture on the circuit board and it may have arced or shorted out permanently


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The acid from the juice will corrode the logic board damp liquid could still drip or be under the logic board and damage the machine if you move it.

Since the keyboard isn't working now, you have nothing to loose and something to gain by attempting to wash/dry it. you can wash the keyboard to remove acidic juice (use a soft bristled paint brush to lightly scrub), rinse well in distilled water, then in 99% Isopropyl alcohol & dry preferably with a desiccant for at least 72hrs.

Look over the logic board to ensure no juice has dripped on it... if not cleaned/removed corrosion will set in over time.

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I tried looking inside around the battery and the logic board and could find no evidence of corrosion or burning. I tried charging it with other magsafe cord but this didn't work and mine seems to work well with other computers.


You could try replacing the DC-in board... the damage might be on the reverse side... or you might be missing it.


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