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Repair guides and disassembly information for the new base-model 14-inch MacBook Pro, released November 2023, refreshed with the Apple-designed M3 SoC. Successor to the 13-inch Touch Bar MacBook Pro with M2.

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Water damage question please OMG.

so what if there were to be "some "water on this part of the logic board?(picture with red part)? Because my macbook has been working for a month or so without error, and it will work properly for the next 8 years... There isn't any circuitry there either...

Block Image

Answer this question I have this problem too

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@mayer and @danj could you please tell me something?


@jayeff @arbaman can you also help nvm?


@altname - This series does not offer replaceable drives so PCIe/NVMe drives used in the older 2015 doesn’t have a bearing here.


@danj why are u telling me this?


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There are two side to a coin! So while this side looks benign of any issues, you can't assume the other side isn't worse off!

As we don't even see any signs of liquid in this image is this truly the logic board in question or just a found image to mark up?

Lastly liquids often have other stuff within them besides pure H2O. In truth it's not the H2O you need to worry about its whats within it in solution like acids, salts and sugars! You often need to neutralize these so future damage is abated.

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@danj this is a logic board picture i found online for demonstation purposes only. also there isn''t any circutry there...?


@danj so are you saying that i'm f$cked? OH MY GOSH...


@danj how can i """"""""""""""""""""""""""""neutralize""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" it without opening up the macbook???? cuz i'm not opening it up nor taking it to repair shop.


@altname - I didn't say your SOL, what I said is I would be guessing! As unless you know the damage (if even present) you just don't know!

As far as neutralizing this gets into the chemistry on what was spilled and you do need direct access to the parts which have the spillage so yes you do need to open the system.

Think of it this way... How do you gain access to the treasure if you can't open the lock to the chest to even see if there is even treasure present!


@danj but there isn't circuitry right?? in that spot... so what would happen?


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using laptops with potential waterdamage without opening them at least to check is way more dangerous than opening it, especially if you bring it into professional repairshop.
since you are writing on a website which is intended to help people with understanding the process and fixing some issues themselves it is not really clear, why are you expecting people to see through walls and tell you whether your laptop took some waterdamage or not.

in my experience, most people who had liquid spill on the device start shaking it off, which woiuld mean that any drop of liquid inside will spread and has a chance landing anywhere in the device.

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They are asking if the location of water will break the laptop.


Yes I was asking if that location would, can you please tell me that? nvm.


@betatechlabs well, this is ridiculous. OP clearly ignores advice from highest ranked advisor @danj and waits for someone who tells him what he wants to hear.


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