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some keys on my keyboard will not work


I was going to sell my MacBook so i decided to clean it with rubbing alcohol (ive done this pently of times b4 mind you). nothing was wrong with it for a couple few days. buyer back down on me so i decided to keep my mac, now some of the keys wont work on me!(the a-l, and the z-m keys) Its definitely not a software issue because I formatted my MacBook, so its hardware.

I have no idea what to do, HELP! :[

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@lemerise well the weird thing about this is the pattern of what keys didnt work or not changed every single day since then.. is there a way of checking to see if i did this? and where could I find a MB top case?

james andreasen,

You could try to take off the non working keys and spray compressed air in the holes under the keys but if there's no recovery then buy a clean used top case here at ifixit or on ebay. What is your MacBook model ?


@lemerise thanks for the advice, ill try that asap! how much do they usually go for? and...how can i figure out the exact model for my MacBook?

james andreasen,

Go to the Apple menu (upper left side of the screen) and scroll to "About this Mac" then tell what's written for processor. Or remove your battery and there should be specs written on the case. As for the top case price I just bought a mint black one for $34 plus shipping on ebay. Wait for a deal from a good rated ebay seller.


@lemerise http://i47.tinypic.com/2vdg11f.jpg is a picture of my MacBook with the keys that wont work..did i do it right? it made the number 2 key work perfectly so i think it could work..

james andreasen,

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Hi James,

I think you probably used too much liquid when cleaning the keys and part of the liquid went inside the keyboard internal layers dissolving the electrical circuit (traces) that conducts the keyboard key signal to the processor. Unfortunately since the keyboard can't be swapped on a MacBook you'll have to replace the MB top case.


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