I can not connect any USB devices

Hi everyone. Recently, I replaced a swollen macbook battery after many years of use. On top of being swollen. The battery life was terrible (2 hours) and the USB ports were always disabled (USB accessory disabled notification). So I decided to replace the battery with a new (non-genuine) one. The battery life has drastically improved. However, the USB accessory problem is still there and the battery drains really fast in sleep mode which is very weird. As a result, if I do not turn off my mac in the evening. The whole (new) battery would drain leading to an empty mac in the morning. Also, since the battery change, two of the ports do not work at all... (less of a problem but still annoying). I think all of these problems may be linked and maybe I should test the macbook pro with another new battery? Could someone help me I am a bit lost. Also, I tried to reset SMC and PRAM many times to no avail. And reconnecting the battery to the logic board.

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