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MacBook thinks the lid is closed and goes to sleep, why?

Today's magical mystery: MacBook goes into sleep on logon.

When I start the machine up with the top case unsecured, and a small gap between the top case and the bottom case, it works normally. It doesn't go to sleep.

As far as I understand the sleep switch is triggered by the magnets in the lid.

Could there be something in the top case that's magnetic and triggering the switch?

The top case is clearly not the original one - it's a late 2007 machine with a 2006 top case (the first version with the golden twisty cable).

Ideas appreciated, thanks ;)

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1 Answer

There are energy saver settings that "sleep" the display if low power (loss of power) is eminent. Check System Preferences->Energy Saver settings

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Thanks. I've checked those settings, even wiped the hard drive and done a clean reinstallation, no change. I had to do the reinstallation with the top case slighty dislodged. Otherwise it would go to sleep on the very first setup screen where you select the language. OS is Snow Leo.


You have this problem when plugged in to the wall?


Yes - matter of fact I don't even have a battery. Ooops, should have put that earlier. Other weird thing - the light on the PSU is RED, as if it was charging, which obviously it isn't, as there's no battery.

Since then I've replaced the sleep switch/battery charging board with a known good one. No change. However, if I disconnect the sleep switch/battery charging board completely, it does not happen. With that it's become usable as a desktop - however the goal is to use it as a desktop.

My theories:

1. something is triggering the sleep switch

2. the old 2006 top case on the late 2007 machine may require some kind of a firmware update or something. Apple updates doesn't find anything.

3. Defective top case??? It looks new but the mouse button is dead too - not much of an issue with tap-click, but still annoying.


Hey i had a MacBook Late 2007 with the same issue. Lit is Open and it goes to sleep any time...and the mouse Button don't work as well ...any news ;)


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