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Dropped iPhone 4s in water. What do I do?



Today I had the great experience to drop my iphone 4s in the water. Yeah!

I had time to turn it off, immediately put it in a bag of rice.

Now I wanted to know, I've seen a video from youtube that tears the iphone and only put the motherboard in rice.

Do I have to do that or just the entire iphone not open should be good in rice?

After 48h should I try opening it or should i put motherboard in metanohilic alcohol? I want to put all chances on my side for it to last as long as it can and to minimize chances of short circuit.


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Jean Sebastien, the first thing that you want to do is to make sure you do NOT turn your phone on. Use this guide to clean your iPhone. It was written for a 3G but all the points apply to your phone as well. These guides will help you disassemble your phone. Once cleaned and your replaced the battery, re-evaluate for any further damage. Rice will only remove some of the water, but will not remove the water that might have accumulated around the coils, IC's etc. and will not prevent corrosion from setting in. Hope this helps, good luck.

Thx It does help. Si you think I should open it right away put everything in rice? About the battery should i change for sure or only if its not working?

Jean Sebastien,

Jean Sebastien, skip the rice. It's great for food but it will not repair your phone. You will have to take it apart and clean it with isopropyl alcohol as described :-) I always change the battery when repairing a liquid damaged device. It saves the trouble that usually occurs later on. Good Luck.


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