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Are LCDs on Ebay Any Safe?

So I'm going to buy a blackberry 9700 from a friend of my. The LCD is broken, and I've seen many prices differences on the internet. Like on ebay, it varies from approx. $30- $90. I understand that there are various types of LCDs for it. For example 001 or 002. But what I'm wondering is that is it a good idea to buy it on ebay?

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IMHO Ebay has a very good buyer protection program, and if you use USPS and you have problems there's the specter of "mail fraud" charges. You must know exactly what you need, what you're buying, and read the fine print.

My father always said "You get what you pay for, and you pay for what you get." With that in mind if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is.

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+ eBay is a great place to buy LCDs and other things from. I would venture to say, with my experience in the area, you will find that the LCDs that cost the least are a) used, b) New coming from HK or China. The new ones from HK or China are not inferior in quality to the ones being sold in your country. In fact they are the same product. Normally it takes 4 - 6 weeks to receive them from HK or China - where they are manufactured. The ones being offered in your country cost more because the middle man is making money and you get them faster. Pay attention to the sellers reputation and number of sales they have made. Buy from someone that has a price you can live with that has a good reputation and a number of sales behind them. That will help ensure that you are satisfied the first time around and do not need to return it.


Thank you for the well detailed answers :)

like one of my friends always used to say, "you got to risk it to get the biscuit" I'll take your advice and hopefully I'll get something worth paying.

Thanks again :)


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machead3 has some great points. From my experience, I typically check Amazon first. They are the most hassle-free way to go, yeah, a few bucks extra, but like iPod screens I've ordered in the past every one from Amazon just worked (and if not you can usually get a pre-paid label and refund right away), while ones I bought from wholesellers (and they later tell me after market) 6/10 fail...and you get eaten up on shipping.

After Amazon, I keep a bookmark list of resellers that I have came across. Each time I need a specific product I google, check out the quality of the site, read over their contact info, do a background check on the company, etc., then place an order.

In regards to E-Bay, you can find deals, but as machead3 kinda pointed out, you really need to read the fine print. For instance, the other day I needed a logic board for an iPod touch 32gb, and in the description they simply put "I tried to replace the screen, sold as is for parts." I contacted the seller and asked them if they did any solder work on the board, and they replied with "Yes" which means there's a 100% chance they fried the board and didn't find it "necessary" to mention that in the description. As far as selling on E-Bay, expect to pay 20% toward e-bay fees and PayPal.

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Thanks for the answer, luckily, i found a supplier who had sold over a thousand LCDs on ebay, which pretty much indicates that they're probably not bad. But I've got to agree with you, some things are way better to be bought on Amazon than on Ebay.

Again, thanks for the answer :)


Nice comparison of buying a new item off Amazon vs buying a used "as is" product off eBay. My experience is different with Amazon sellers than yours, as well as my experience with wholesalers and eBay. I purchased a soldering station off Amazon that gave out just after 30 days. The station carries a 1 year warranty if sold thru an authorized seller. The vender and Amazon told me to take a leap. However PayPal thought a little differently about the transaction. There are 20+ satellite sellers for Yallstores Inc. on eBay. Some of them sell the LCD in question, for various prices - some wholesale. - Same part sold on Amazon. They will take care of you if something goes wrong. Dealextreme and their wholesale sister company virtually never ask for me to return any of the defective parts/merchandise I rarely find in my order. They ask for pictures of the defects, the package and it's contents. They apologize, then ship replacements. It is the seller, not necessarily the forum they sell on that makes the difference.


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