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Repair guides, support, and troubleshooting information for the 2022 13-inch MacBook Air, featuring Apple's M2 SoC. Released on July 15th, 2022 and identified by model number A2681.

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Is anyone else having issues with the bottom screen bezel cracking?

I've had a few devices come across my desk recently that have had cracked bezels. At the moment the educated guess is that both users may have had something sitting on top of their device that may have caused the bezel to come into contact with the corner of the bottom case.

However, I am curious if anyone else has seen this issue, or experienced it happen to them first hand? It does seem that people are discussing it on Apple's Community Page, so at the very least I know that these are not isolated issues.

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The space between the glass chin plate and the uppercase is very tight so even a staple or paper clip can cause the chin plate fracture as you have shown in your images.

I do find it interesting the damage is closer to the hing area which is not where I normally see it. Is this the original display or a replacement? Was there a plastic case installed on either the body or the lid? I’m thinking something else might be going on here unique to this system.

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Both devices have the stock display, and both had a plastic case installed for exterior protection. You think the shells are the cause of it?


@jmehnert - Yep! The lip of the snap on case is acting as a wedge in the area. I only recommend skins on MacBooks.


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So notably recently Apple started repairing these as warranty, lasted about 6 - 9 weeks.

Then they stopped.

So we did some numbers

My role sees about 80 of these a year. It represents 90% of all damage on our MacBook fleet.

You can get any variation of crack along the chin bar and apple wont repair them rather they replace the screen. Apple repair agents arent allowed to repair them and if you don't repair them the screen will inevitably crack.

I wish people would hold apple to Account on this kind of nonsense. They are a premium item, way above their manufacture value and users deserve better. By pandering to this constant users at fault nonsense, you allow apple to keep making this e-wastefor years on end.

Apples response to this damage is a full screen replacement. You can repair the chin bar with a hair dryer (or heat gun if your in a workshop) and an inexpensive chin bar replacement which you can't source from Apple.

If you don't replace the Chin bar it will inevitably damage the screen or the display cable.

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