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Screen Flickers with Horizontal and Vertical Lines

We bought a new TV back in December to replace this one, and until recently this TV was sitting unplugged in a hallway. After moving it upstairs and into its current location, the screen starts covered in horizontal and vertical lines, bleeding the colours on the screen. This occurs on every input and in the menus.

What's strange is that after several minutes, the picture will start to resolve properly, starting at the top and working its way down. During this time, there are no issues with audio and the menus are responsive to input with no freezing or delay. Below are some pictures taken specific timeframes after the TV has been turned on (put into Store Mode to demonstrate).

Just after turning on:

Block Image

After about 2 minutes

Block Image

After about 5 minutes

Block Image

After about 7 minutes

Block Image

After about 10 minutes

Block Image

I have tried replacing the T-Con board and the ribbon cables between it and the display, but the issue remained the same after doing this. Same with reseating the LDVS connectors to the main board.

I'm trying to figure out if I need to replace the main board now, however after being burned on a T-con replacement that I apparently didn't need, I thought I would ask if anyone has seen anything like this before and could advise if it might be from some other, environmental issue or an issue with the screen itself. I've tried running it on and off the surge protector, on a different outlet in the room, and even with the nearby router turned off in case there was EM interference.

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@atlas86 this is one of those errors whee you cannot get a board for. This is a GATE DRIVER issue coming form your LCD driver boards. That are the long skinny boards that connect to the LCD with some very fine ribbon cables (COF). You could check for any damaged components on those boards, but there is no replacement that will help.

Since it shows this failure while the components are cool/cold, use can use some freeze spray and spray certain areas of the driver boards, one area at the time. You know which area is failing, when you cool it down and the image appears like it does in your picture 1 and 2. Now you can narrow the search for bad components down to a particular area.

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@oldturkey03 Thanks for the quick reply. Just to be clear, the driver boards you're referring to are going to be these ones in the shield under the TCON, right?

I'll have to pull the speakers off to get at them, but I'll give them a look and thanks for the advice on the freeze spray. I've already reseated the cables on that side when replacing the T-CON, so chances are it might just be dead.


@atlas86 that sounds about right with the location of the boards. Not dead, just injured:-) time to evaluate👍🏻

Try this. Turn your TV off, disconnect one ribbon cable from the t-con board to the driver board. Then plug it in and try your tv. You should now only have 1/2 screen but does it work right.? Then repeat the same procedure with the other ribbon cable. Let us know what tou find.


@oldturkey03 I tried disconnecting one driver board at a time and turning the TV on, however the screen only seemed to work with both boards conencted at the same time. Wither either of the two disconnected, the screen was black and only the backlight was updating.

I managed to get the shields over the driver boards off and inspect them, however I couldn't find anything wrong visually. None of the COF cables had come off the contacts, the boards themselves didn't look damaged in any way. I got some pictures of them in case there's something obvious that I missed, but otherwise I'm going to have to do a temp test on them.

I don't have any cold spray or compressed air to try cooling them down, although I might be able to heat them up one at a time and see if the image improves, rather than degrades. Otherwise, I'll just have to wait until I can get some spray to test it properly.


@atlas86 one more thing you can try. You see the flex cable that connects the left driver boards to each other? Remove that the same way you removed the ribbon cables. Let's see if isolating those will make a difference.


@oldturkey03 Same thing as disconnecting the main driver boards from the T-Con. No picture shows at all when the flex cables are disconnected. I reseated them at both sides and checked the contacts, just to be safe, but everything looked good and the lines in the picture still showed after everything was reconnected.


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