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Repair documentation and service information for Hisense televisions.

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Black Screen, No Backlight - Next Steps in Troubleshooting?

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Hisense LED 55A6G… it’s only a couple years old and suddenly wouldn’t turn on one day according to the previous owner.

I’ve done the basic troubleshooting of powering it off, holding the power button then turning it back on, etc. The red power button light flashes two times long, then a very quick two times and goes solid red again.

Capacitors that I can see look good.

Power cord has continuity.

I don’t see any panel lights at all.

Flashlight test, I can’t see if it’s trying to show a picture or not.

TCon board makes a brief buzzing sound when power lights flash two long times.

What’s the next step in troubleshooting?

I’m a computer guy, have done a few electronics projects and repairs, etc, but I’m pretty new to TVs. YouTube is a dead end at this point or I’m looking in the wrong places.


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Testing voltage where the LEDs plug into the main board, I get a measure of 131v, then a quick drop to 0.03v after the two quick flashes. Does that add some clarity?


Disconnecting TCon board and pressing the power button, I get the two long red flashes, but instead of going back to solid red, the standby LED just stays off. Taking other evidence into account, might this mean TCon board is bad?


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@dan56680 for Hisense the 2 blink code is commonly caused by a failed backlight. In cases where there is a feedback from the backlights, it will turn the voltages to the backlight off. if they have failed. This leaves the "flashlight" test somewhat useless.

I suggest to not just randomly changing of any boards. That can get expensive. Do some measurements and see what you have going on. We will need a close up of the power board, in particular of the connector where the main board connects to the power board. On that there should be a BKL_On pin that needs to be measured.

For the T-con board, do a quick check on the test points. Let us know what voltages you get. That is of course with the power on eetc. so you do want to be careful around the power board. It'll sting quite a bit of you touch any of those components with your bare hands :-)

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Main board and power board are integrated on this model - I don't see where I can test a BKL_On pin. I can try to find a schematic...

For the T-Con board:

"12v" is registering 12.11v when the board hums and light is flashing, then it drops.

"VGL" shows 9.1v then drops after flashing light stops flashing

"VGH" shows 33.6v then drops after flashing light stops flashing

Thanks in advance for the help


@dan56680 VGL snot a negative voltage on yours? Can you post a close up of the mainboard,. since it has the power components on this.

Measure the voltage on the backlight LED connector and let us know what you get on that. Also, try and disconnect the backlight power and turn you TV on. See if the blink code changed.


Looks like it was a backlight issue - 1 LED diode was out. Would have fixed it, but somehow managed to break the display even though I was being super careful. Problem resolved! At least it was only a $20 TV


@dan56680 good. glad you got it fixed. $20 saved!


This was very helpful, but I'm still a little confused. I disconnected the cable from the t-con board (shown above) and still got the 2 blink signal. Does this mean I need to replace the T-CON board?


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