Is the Seagate Momentus XT 750GB SATAIII compatible with A1226?

Since SATA is backwards and forwards compatible I wondered.

The macbook pro A1226 supports SATA I.

The Seagate Momentus XT 750GB is SATA III, but downward compatible with SATA II according to available Seagate information

Does that mean they will not work together? Or does the drive have the option to go all the way down to SATA I? Or is there some other magical way it will work. Apart from the price of the drive it seems very attractive replacement for the HDD of the MBP.

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It should work fine, it is a 9.5mm drive height ...... the newest gen of this drive would be best with current firmware updates....... i might be wrong but remembered reading the 1st gen of these drives had some problems with OSX systems, i might be wrong just what i am recalling having read something awhile ago for OSX specific systems.

Another consideration is a Western Digital black 4k sector drive model ( more space after formatting)........ Also quite a bit less expensive. I use the WD black drives in all the laptops i fix, upgrade. A considerable performance upgrade from stock, and a 5 year warranty....... however as memory serves the 320GB is the largest of the 9.5mm height in this model line.

The Black line isn't going to stack up against a hybrid drive just offering an opinion about cost effective vs. performance and what i know to work well in several macs of all types i have used them in.

I also just wanted to answer the question as i didn't have time to look up several references i had read i mentioned above. I think OWC should have some detailed info about drive models and supported macs for these Seagate drives. Once you have the model info for the newest seagate drive, user reviews on various web sites, newegg etc...... often mention the computer the drive was used in and if any problems occurred.

Hope this helps.

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+ Brian you answered that well. @Henry your bottleneck is the I/O of your hard drive controller. Please explain to me how you will realize any benefit having this drive above a 5 year old 1,5GBs hard drive? Your desire makes no economical sense.


It does not appears that the drive can exceed the SATA I standard of 1.5Gb/s (which equals 150 MByte/s taking into account the encoding overhead according to wikipedia,

In a real life test the drive achieved 65MB/s. It seems these values are averages, so peak transfer rates may be higher and exceed SATA I, not sure. Note, the review also has the drive in a RAID0 setup with a SSD which does perform very much better.


Other drives in the test reach less than 50MB/s, so there is still a 3x in performance to be gained up to the 150MB/s limit of SATA I.


-- had to split the comment into two sections --

The 750GB momentus XT hybrid drive seems to have much improved architecture/firmware over its predecessor with improved caching algorithms for frequently used files and a separate attention to improve boot times. The predecessor, 500GB momentus XT, did seems to cause problems with the disk spinning down in some power saving mode, possibly fixed in a newer firmware for that drive?

Other drives:

There are now also a 500GB and 750GB WD Caviar Black (7200rpm) drives for 9.5mm. Which I do consider.

There are now also 9.5mm 1TB drives (5400rpm)(Samsung, WD caviar blue newer model, the older model exceeded 9.5 mm), but they seem sluggish and serve better as storage option.

When it comes to the SATA III 750GB Seagate Momentus XT I just worry that it just is not capable to work with a SATA I system because the documentation only mentions it is compatible with SATA II and says nothing about SATA I.


If it was my money, for this model laptop i would go for a WD black drive of the advanced format flavor (BKPT models) for a computer of this age. I have installed several of these in a1150 and a1226 models and bunch of other machines too...... my personal desktop machine and laptop as well.....with no problems.. That is just my opinion..... A lot of reviews online, esp larger online retailers like You may find the hybrid drive to work great for you......I don't know what you use the laptop for or the amount of data working with so i cant say...... For my personal needs i have my eye on a nice QNAP NAS to solve a lot of my concerns about security and working with a large amount of data on a few computers i don't want to risk loosing and bunch of other reasons that would make for a long comment.


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